How to Spend 4 Days in Sorrento, Italy – Ultimate Itinerary

Your Ultimate Sorrento, Italy Itinerary: 4 Days in Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

Visiting Sorrento and the Amalfi coast has been a dream of mine for quite some time (spoiler alert!) they did not disappoint! Picture lemon and orange groves lining charming streets, jaw-dropping coastlines that honestly seem fake, and the sweet smells of home-made Italian cooking. Yep, I might have just drooled.  In this Italy travel guide, you will find your ultimate 4 days itinerary to Sorrento with day trips to Capri, Pompeii, and Positano!

This guide also includes where to stay in Sorrento, how to get to Sorrento from Rome and Naples, where to eat, and more!

First time in Italy? Be sure to check my tips on what to know before visiting Italy!

Already in Sorrento and looking for the best things to do? Just scroll down to Things to do in Sorrento or use the Table of Content to skip!

Marina Piccola sorrento ferry port
Marina Piccola ferry port

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Why Stay in Sorrento, Italy

Before getting started, one of the big questions I get asked is where to stay in Italy if you want to see the Amalfi coast. Sorrento is perfectly located between major areas of interest in Italy, with lots of transportation options.

The Sorrento coast is also more affordable than in the surrounding areas.

With 4 days in Sorrento, you will be able to see all the best things in Sorrento, sample the Amalfi Coast, and even take a day trip to Capri and Pompeii.

Best Time to Visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

The most popular time to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is during the summer months. From June – August will be peak times and the coast will be packed.

I believe the best time to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi coast is April through May and the very end of August until October.

Keep in mind if you do visit Sorrento in August,  a lot of the shop owners go on vacation, so not everything is open.

If sitting by the beach is your main goal in Sorrento, then try for the very beginning of June or the end of August.

mt. Vesuvius from Sorrento
mt. Vesuvius from Sorrento

How To Get to Sorrento

You will most likely be flying in from Rome (Fiumicino (FCO), which is the most popular. Another option is flying into Naples (can be more expensive). If you live in Europe, trains can be another great option, which also reduces environmental impact!

Once arriving in Italy, the best way to get to Sorrento is by train. In General, driving is not recommended in Italy (especially on the coast).

Unfortunately, there is no direct train to Sorrento from Rome, so here are the steps below.

If you are looking for the best airline prices, head over to Skyscanner. It’s my go-to tool to find the cheapest airline tickets for surrounding airports.

Train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Once arriving at the FCO airport, take the Leonardo Express Train to get into the city of Rome; train station Roma Termini. Rome’s airport is about 35 mins away from the city, so this will be your cheapest and fairly easy option! You can buy these tickets online or at the counter.

The train runs back and forth about every 30 minutes and costs 14 Euros.

If you decide to buy your ticket at the station, make sure to validate the ticket! Before walking into the gate, you will see a machine to put your ticket into. This will put a time stamp on it.

If you purchase your ticket online, you will just need the printout or scan bar on your phone. If your ticket is checked and it’s not validated, you can get a fine!

Booking a Fast Train in Italy

Fast trains are the most efficient way to get around Itay. The two companies with fast trains are Trenitalia and Italotrento.

For both Trenitalia and Itaotrento, you must know the Italian names of the train stations you want to visit.

For this 4 days Sorrento itinerary, you will be looking up Roma Termini (Rome’s main train station) and Napoli C. Le (Itaotrento website), or Napoli Centrale (Naples main train station).

When booking with Trenitalia look for trains that start with an “F” such as Frecciarossa (meaning fast train).  Both are equally fine, so I would choose whichever is offering the cheapest price. Get your tickets on Omio. The journey should take just over an hour if it is a fast train.

visit Corso Italia Street in 4 days Sorrento, Italy
Corso Italia Street in Sorrento, Italy

Train from Rome to Naples

Once getting to Roma Termini, you will need to catch a fast train. If you booked online, you will already know your train time. If not, you can see what they have available at the station.

By checking the large boards, you will be able to see what track your train is on. If you feel lost, ask a worker for help!

Unfortunately, there is no direct train to Sorrento, so you will need to book your train to the Naples Central Train Station!

How to Get From Naples to Sorrento

Once you arrive at Naples Central Station, you have 3 options on how to get to Sorrento. Out of the 3 options, we tried 2 of the 3.

Private Car transfer to Sorrento

This is the most expensive option and also the most comfortable, IMO. It usually costs around 70-90 Euros to get from Naples train station to Sorrento. We went with this option to get to Sorrento.

I contacted several companies and used the best-quoted price. For us, that was Sorrento Cars. Another company I reached out to was Johnny’s Tour Service. I would go with whichever gave the cheapest price. Approx travel time is 35-45 mins drive.

Circumvesuviana train (commuter train)

The Circumvesuviana train definitely has a bad rap. Many will recommend against taking this train because it has no air conditioner, it’s not always running on time, and a high rate of pickpocketers.

We took this train a couple of days later for Pompeii, we felt safe taking it again when we went back to Rome. The train costs about 2.50 euros.

Once you arrive at Naples central station, you will go down the stairs to the train. You can buy tickets for the train in the Naples train station. 

There is also a “tourist train”Campania Express, that runs less frequently but on the same line. It costs around 10.50 euros has an air conditioner, a guaranteed seat, and only stops at the major tourist spots. This might be another option for you!

Here is a helpful train timetable guide for the train to and from Naples and Sorrento!  Approx travel time: 1 hour +

Ferry from Naples to Sorrento

Lastly, you can take a ferry to Sorrento, however, I feel this is the most difficult option but is in mid-range in price.

I say it’s more difficult because once arriving at Naples Central train station, you have to catch a taxi or bus to the port and then take the ferry.

The port in Naples is Molo Beverello. From here, you can catch an Alilauro Hydrofoil (the fastest ferry Sorrento), which is a direct boat taking about 40 minutes.

Note: The ferries are mainly running during the high season (May- Sept), so always check beforehand that ferries are available. I used this website to check the ferry times but booked in person when going to Capri (later in the itinerary).

In total, your trip will take about 2.5 hrs. from Rome to Sorrento.

Best Things to Do in Sorrento in 4 Days Itinerary

Finally, you are ready for your 4 days in Sorrento! The streets are full of restaurants and vendors selling all sorts of things. Believe it or not, we were able to see a bunch of Sorrento on this first day as the main town is pretty small.

You will easily be able to get around Sorrento by walking. Don’t be afraid to just get lost wandering the streets, as they are so cute!

Sorrento Tip: Sorrento has way better souvenirs to bring home than Rome.

Sorrento Clock Tower Church should be visited with 4 days
Duomo di Sorrento

Day 1 Sorrento Itinerary: Top Things to See in Sorrento

You can undoubtedly see all the top things in Sorrento in half a day to a full day, and all listed below are Free things to do in Sorrento!

Marina Piccola sorrento ferry port
Marina Piccola Sorrento Ferry Port

Piazza Torquato Tasso

We started touring around Piazza Torquato Tasso. Named after an Italian Poet, this is the main square of Sorrento. You will find cute shops and places to eat, as well as stairs to get down to the Sorrento Ferry port.

Corso Italia Street

Walk through Piazza Sant’ Antonino, where you will find his statue. Make your way onto Corso Italia Street. This is the main shopping street in Sorrento. You can find everything from food, pharmacies, and clothing stores.

On either side, you will see orange trees and charming street lights giving you all the feels of Italy! Also located on this street is Duomo di Sorrento with a beautiful bell tower and Gelateria Primavera for some delicious Gelato!

I Giardini di Cataldo (Lemon Grove)

Come check out this lemon grove in the middle of Sorrento! Try a free shot of Limoncello and relax under the lemon groves!

Address: Via Correale, 27, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Vallone dei Mulini

Come take a glance at the flour mills, built from stone as far back as the 13th century. It’s a quick look- over the rail to see the abandoned ruin.

Address: 80067 Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Sorento Lift

Head by the Sorrento lift (but don’t actually go to it) for the absolute best view of Mt. Vesuvius! As you walk towards the lift, you will notice a rail and pathway bring you all the way down to the beach. The views of the Sorrento coast are gorgeous and it is the perfect sunset spot!

Address: Via S. Francesco, 1, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Marina Grande

Walk over to Marina Grande and tour this fisherman village. Lay on the (rock) beach in the harbor, enjoy the locals, and eat freshly caught seafood!

Sunset by the Sorrento Lift
Sunset by the Sorrento Lift
Views of Marina Grande

Sorrento Tours

Sorrento also has some great guided tours that are perfect for adding to your itinerary if you rather be led around!

Day 2 Sorrento Itinerary: Day Trip to Capri from Sorrento

Start your day early and head over to Sorrento’s Marina Piccola port to catch the ferry to Capri. The ride is about 25 minutes, and tickets can be bought at the port. Capri is full of Italian charm, gorgeous views, and Luxury shopping. It’s the perfect day trip from Sorrento!

Once arriving at Marina Grande (Capri’s port), head over to the Funicular. The Funicular is a quick train ride that will take you to the center of Capri. Once exiting, you will be greeted with panoramic views of Capri’s coastline!

Capri Tip: Wait for the crowds to clear for the perfect instapics =)

Gardens Of Augustus

From Capri’s center, make your way to the Gardens of Augustus. These gardens offer drop-dead gorgeous views of the coast. From here, you can also see the Krupp pathway. In between tourist groups, the gardens are peaceful and surely not to miss!

Address: Via Matteotti, 2, 80076 Capri NA, Italy

Admission: Approximately 2-3 euros

Capri Island ocean view in Italy
Gardens Of Augustus view point
Gardens Of Augustus

Marina Piccola, Capri

Next, take a 15-minute walk down to Marina Piccola to enjoy a nice little rocky beach. Warning, there are lots of stairs! If you are feeling hungry, I would recommend Caffe Morgano, which is close to the Gardens of Augustus (and delicious).

If you don’t think you will make it back up the stairs, there are taxis nearby to bring you back to the center of Capri (which is what we did)!

Marina Piccola beach Capri beach you will visit with 4 days to Sorrento
Marina Piccola beach

Take a Tour

Capri has a ton of boat tours, including seeing the Blue Grotto, which they are famously known for. If you have time, I would definitely recommend booking a boat tour in advance since they are very popular!

Day 3: Day Trip to Positano from Sorrento

Positano is easily the most popular area to visit on the Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento, there are 2 ways to get to Positano, Boat or Bus. We chose to take the CitySightseeing Red bus.

We chose this option because you are guaranteed a seat and very minimal stops, meaning we would get there quicker (unlike the public bus).

I would recommend taking the first bus and get there early because it is on a first come, first serve basis. The ferry is another popular option and can be taken at Marina Piccola (where the Capri ferry is).

Get tickets for the bus at the train/bus stop in Sorrento (Circumvesuviana train).

Positano Tip: When taking the bus, sit on the right side for the best views of the coast.

Stop at Positano coast on 4 days to Sorrento
Views of the Positano Coast

Spiaggia Grande Beach, Positano

Once getting off the bus, head back down the hill to get to Spiaggia Grande, Positano’s famous beach! The town itself is so beautiful, so definitely take your time wandering the streets!

Once you get to the beach, be prepared for a rocky beach that hurts to walk across, but the views are worth it! We spent most of our day relaxing on the beach until lunchtime.

Positano famous beach

Fornillo Beach, Positano

If you are looking for a less crowded beach, check out Fornillo Beach. The walking path starts near the ferry port and is about a 15-20  minute walk of more beautiful views! If you are staying in Positano, here’s a list of top Positano beaches.

Where to Eat in Positano

Positano is full of amazing restaurants. With our short day trip, we tried 2 which in my opinion give you the best views!

L’Incanto V Marina Grande

Upon arriving at Positano, we were hungry, so we grabbed a bite on the beach at L’Incanto V Marina Grande. They have tables set up on the beach so you can’t miss them, and our Calamari was really good!

Note: we thought that if we ate here, we would also get to use the lounge chairs, but the lounge chairs are with a different company. You have to pay to use the lounge chairs.

Le Sirenuse

For the best lunch/dinner view, go to Le Sirenuse. Just make sure to reserve your table in advance! The views are breathtaking, and the food is amazing!

View from Le Sirenuse Positano
View from Le Sirenuse Positano
Positano view day trip from Sorrento
view of positanto 4 days in sorrento

Other Sorrento Itinerary Suggestion: It started raining around 4 PM, so we caught the bus back to Sorrento. However, I would have liked to visit Amalfi town and even Revello, which are two other beautiful towns on the Amalfi coast.

Another option to think about is staying in Positano for an extra day since I just loved the town so much!

If you stay in Positano for a night or want less beach time during your day trip, you can even do the Path of the Gods hike.

Day 4:  Day Trip to Pompeii & The Herculaneum from Sorrento

From Sorrento, it is very easy to see the ancient treasures of Pompeii or the Herculaneum. We took the Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii, which takes about 20-25 minutes, and about 40 minutes to the Herculaneum. If you start really early, you can likely see both spending 2-3 hours at each.


You likely learned about Pompeii in your history books as the town that was devastated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Luckily for us, much of this once-thriving ancient city was preserved under the ash giving us tons to explore. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

I would also recommend getting a tour of this site. We went in blind and were pretty lost, especially since there were no plaques describing anything you were looking at.

If you are an adventurous traveler, you might want to consider hiking Mt. Vesuvius Volcano as well.


Although smaller than Pompeii, the Herculaneum town is actually more preserved than Pompeii. Because the ruins are so preserved and are lesser-known, many prefer the Herculaneum over Pompeii.

We had planned to visit, but our train schedule was changed. We plan on exploring this site when we go back! Check out tours and skip the line here!

Pompeii ruins on 4 Days in Sorrento
View of Mt. Vesuvius from Pompeii ruins

Where to Stay in Sorrento

Now that you know the best things to do with 4 days in Sorrento, it is time to find a place to stay! Sorrento has tons of hotels to choose from around the city. Some of the most popular hotels are listed below!

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria (Luxury)

Likely the most popular and luxurious hotel in Sorrento (and maybe Italy) is the Grand Hotel Excelsior. Known for its luxurious accommodations, this is a hotel you will definitely want to book in advance if you want to snag a room. With five acres of impeccably manicured gardens, a swimming pool, spa, fine dining all while overlooking the Bay of Naples. Check prices here. 

Hotel Antiche Mura (Moderate)

Hotel Antiche sits right in the heart of Sorrento, just off Piazza Tasso. This property features a citrus garden, swimming pool and has exceptional reviews. You are also just about a 6-minute walk to the beach. Tons of shopping and eating can be found. Check prices here.

Hotel Nice (Budget)

Hotel Nice is just 1,000 feet from Sorrento’s main square, Piazza Tasso, an 8-minute walk to the beach and just a 2-minute walk from the train and bus station.

This hotel has is a 24-hour front desk, serves a free continental buffet breakfast, and also has a rooftop terrace. Shopping, restaurants, and bars are all located close by. Check Prices here.

Where to Eat in Sorrento

We had some incredible food during our stay in Sorrento. However, it seems pretty hard to have a bad meal in Italy! Anyway, below are some of our favorite places to eat in Sorrento. 

Taverna Azzurra: Great Seafood and friendly staff located on the water in Marina Grande for lunch and dinner.

di Ercolano Luigi Sorrento: Stop at the bar for a pasty and espresso for breakfast. Note: if you sit down, it costs more. 

Re Food al Vicoletto Restaurant: Modern-designed restaurant with great pizza and fun desserts.

Chantecler’s Trattoria: Hidden gem with amazing food! Easily our best dinner in Sorrento! (They are closed on Mondays)

Fauno Bar Sorrento: If you are feeling extra hungry in the morning, they serve a huge (American breakfast). You can also just go to the bar and have a normal cafe and pastry as the locals would.

Additional Awesome Things to Do in Sorrento

While I listed our top favorite things we did in Sorrento, with more than 4 days, here are additional Sorrento Activities!

Take a Cooking Class

I feel like if you were to take a cooking class anywhere in the world, it should be Italy! I mean the food is just so fresh and amazing. On top of that, Sorrento is a part of Naples, which means they are known to have the best food. Find cooking classes in Sorrento here or food walking tours here. 

Explore the Museum Shop of Wood Inlay

As you walk through Sorrento, you will likely see the most gorgeous little wooden boxes. Sorrento is famously known for handcrafting beautiful works of art all the inlaid wood, that they have dedicated a museum to visit!

Address: Via S. Nicola, 28, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Hit the Beach’s of Sorrento

Who doesn’t like a little extra beach time?! While Sorrento does not have your “typical” beach per se, you can still enjoy the decks and lounge in the Mediterranean Sea. Here are some of the top beaches to check out in Sorrento.

Spiaggia Pubblica Sorrento

This small public beach is located in the heart of Sorrento and has a small sandy beach.

Address: Via S. Francesco, 12, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Marina Grande Beach

Marina Grande, Sorrento’s fishing village, also has a small volcanic sand beach. This beach is probably the largest of the beaches we saw, and likely the most popular.

Address: Via del Mare, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Leonelli’s Beach

This well-known private beach club has been family-owned for 3 generations right in the heart of Sorrento.

Address: Spiaggia San Francesco, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

Sorrento cute alleys

Italy Travel Insurance

While insurance is not the sexiest thing to talk about when you travel, it is really important. In fact, I don’t travel without it. Mainly because I am so accident/sick prone. I’ve been to the walk-in clinic in Thailand, the hospital in Malaysia, and I was so happy I had insurance to fall back on.

Insurance is one of those things you never want to use but will be so grateful to have it if it needs to be used. Not only does it cover medical reasons, but also trip cancellations or even delays.

Additional Italy Itinerary Tips

Our Italy trip was 4 days in Sorrento and then 4 days in Rome. If I could do it all over again, I would stay in Rome for the first 3 days and then go to Sorrento for 4 days.

The reason why? Because the coast is way more relaxing and it would have been nice after all the walking we did in Rome. After my 4 days in Sorrento, I would then go back to Rome for 1 day just so it’s easier to get to the airport. Heading to Rome, here is my detailed 4 Day Guide in Rome!

With Extra days in Sorrento, I would recommend staying in Positano for 2 days instead of just a day trip. I would also check out a day trip to Ischia, a lesser crowded island that is highly recommended.

4 Days in Sorrento Itinerary Wrap-up

This concludes some of the best things to do when spending 4 days in Sorrento. I hope you have the most amazing time exploring Italy’s coast!

Have any questions about this Sorrento itinerary or need additional help? Let me know in the comments below.

If you found my 4 Days in Sorrento Guide helpful, I’d appreciate it if you could share it below!

Sorrento 4 days itinerary
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