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Travelers & Bloggers Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year for Black Friday deals and a lot of companies have come out early with deals! I have personally been looking for specific deals and decided to share my Black Friday research for my favorite Travelers and Bloggers tools to be on the lookout for!

We all know how expensive blogging/ travel can be. That’s why I save a lot of my shopping (which I generally do all online) for this week and lucky, lucky, a lot of companies came out with early deals!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission at no cost to you.*

Travel Deals

As we all know travel is an industry that is really hurting. It is because of my love for travel that this blog even exists.

So, if you love to travel and you want to help keep the industry afloat, consider checking out some travel deals when it is safe to travel again!

If you like adventurous group travel, a future trip G-Adventure might be of interest to you! They are offering up to 21% off their packages here!

If you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable traveling with a group tour, will also be having deals on stays. I personally always use or Airbnb for all my stays!

Additionally, if you don’t already use Rakuten (formally eBates) you’re welcome for this! Basically, you get paid to shop! I made a free account and added their chrome extension on my computer so I always get alerted when I can get savings.

For example, offers 2% cashback, I always get cash back from Target, Macy’s, and just recently from Canon! They send me a check with my cash back in the mail and it’s a nice little extra that you don’t have to do anything additional for. They also offer current coupons that the site is offering for additional savings!

The Raleigh Natural Science Museum Globe
The Raleigh Natural Science Museum Globe


Starting with photography. I had been wanting to upgrade my Canon 7ti Rebel for some time now and I figured I’d wait for the Black Friday deals!

After doing a lot of research, I decided I wanted to really step my photography game up and go full-frame mirrorless. Originally I was going to go with the Sony a7iii. However, when I rented it to try the camera out, I realized I just liked the Canon colors better.

I then rented a Canon EOS R and found I liked it much better than the Sony. One thing that drove me crazy with the Sony besides the colors in Lightroom was the buffering. I do a lot of bust shooting and for the camera to freeze on me (especially when my rebel never has) just drove me crazy.

I also had other Canon Lenses and could use the converter, so I saved money there.

I must admit however, it did seem that Sony did have a sharper image zoomed in 1×1.

I excitedly upgraded to the Canon EOS R which is $200 off and got an RF 24-70 lens for $100 off and an extra battery which I think was 20% off on Canon’s shop site. On top of that, I get 2.5% from Rakuten since Canon participates.

BTW: Instead of adding an Amazon link for the Canon EOS R camera, I rather you get the better deal with Canon and the Rakuten cashback.  Black Friday is all about saving right!? However, if you don’t care about Rakuten and want to support me, amazon please, and thanks!

New Canon EOS R with EF lens converter and the EF 50mm 1.8f for travelers and bloggers black Friday Deals
New Canon EOS R with EF lens converter and the EF 50mm 1.8f

Let’s not leave Nikon shooters out. Nikon just announced they are selling the Z6 for $400 off.

Next, sharing my favorite noise-canceling headphones I got last Black Friday! They are the Sony WH-XB900N/B Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones and a full year later, I still love them!

They are on sale again, so if you are looking for great quality headphones (Sony is the leader), these bad boys are amazing!

The Macbook Pro 13.3 inch is also on sale and it’s what I have been using for blogging and photography these last 3+ years. I saw the best sale on B&H and PC Richards and Son (can use Rakuten) for $1,179, however, it said they have a limited number left at that price.

B&H is also having sales on the Dji Mavic, but since I just spent my budget on my new Camera and Lens, that will have to be for next year. Plus, their sale doesn’t seem to be so great.

I also got a Sandisk because it was on sale and you can always use a backup. I also had an Ultra reader and wanted to upgrade to the Sandisk Extreme Pro 128 which for a burst shooter, will reduce buffering.

Travelers Bloggers Black Friday Deals

Blogging tools for Black Friday

Now for my blogging friends! Below I am sharing tools that I currently use that are on sale or should be having a sale.

Bluehost for Website hosting

If you have been meaning to start a website and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is a perfect time! Bluehost is offering great deals and I have a very easy 8 Step Guide on getting started with Bluehost here! 
I am still am a current user of Bluehost for the past 3 + years and have no issues. Lately, I’ve had over 23k sessions a month with ads and no problems thus far.

If you make a free account with Rakuten, I believe you also get $10 back!

KeySearch for SEO Optimization

If you are a blogger and have issues ranking on Google, you should consider investing in KeySearch. I started using KeySearch last year (ironically from last year’s Black Friday deal) and started ranking on Google very soon after from this tool! Because my organic search grew so much, I was able to actually start earning income from my blog, yay!

I found an awesome coupon code for 40% OFF! Use  code “BF40” at checkout to get 40% off with this link for KeySearch! I use the beginner package. For more on ranking on Google, this article is for you! This is an amazing deal coming out to be about $100 for the whole year!

Long-tail keyword Research using KeySearch

Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram

I heard it on the grapevine that Tailwind might also be offering a Black Friday special. If you are not familiar with Tailwind, it’s a huge Pinterest time saver and does all your scheduling for you so you can spend more time on other areas of your blog. Tailwind also has a whole platform for Instagram although I mainly use the Instagram side for hashtag research!

Pinterest is super important especially if you are just starting out with blogging since it can bring lots of traffic! You can learn more about Tailwind here! For more on how I grew my blog traffic from Pinterest(hint, it involves Tailwind) click here!

Adobe Creative Cloud for Lightroom, Photoshop, etc

I use Adobe in my everyday business for both Photoshop and Lightroom. For Instagram, I could get away with the free Lightroom, but to get the edits the way I want, I know I need to pay. While I haven’t gotten into video yet, Adobe has put the whole suite on sale until November 27th. If you wanted illustrator, Premiere, or some of the other programs, this is a great chance to grab them.

Website Themes

On the search for a new theme? Envato Theme Forest is also having Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! You can basically find any theme here and it’s where I got my theme. If you had been holding back on investing in a paid theme this is also a great time to see what sales they are having since generally paid themes tend to be better SEO Optimized.

If you want to learn a little more about themes, check my blog on Common SEO Mistakes.

My Lightroom Mobile Presets

I have my Lightroom Mobile Presets on sale! They are 50% off which comes out to $1 a preset! You can learn more and shop my presets here!

Find Love Travel Summer Bliss Presets

Blogging Fastlane by Adventure in You

I started blogging back in 2017 and had no idea what I was doing. I watched countless Youtube videos to learn how to set up WordPress, learn SEO, etc. but at the end of the day, my layout was awful and I was barely getting any traffic to my site.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t want to spend more money on a blog that wasn’t making any money, but when I realized I wanted blogging to be my full-time job, I knew the only way I was going to make that work is if I invested in myself and learned from people who had succeeded.

That is when I came across Anna & Tom’s Blogging Fastlane course. I took their free training and decided it was the right course for me, and I can honestly say, their videos and workbooks have helped me immensely along with their Facebook group! It was in their course I even learned about KeySearch, and totally exploded my SEO GAME!

If you are looking to make blogging a full-time job and are looking to invest in yourself and a course, the Blogging Fast Lane is having a Black Friday deal on November 27h – 30th! They are offering an additional $200 off using this code “BLACKFRIDAY” with this Blogging Fast Lane Link!

Black Friday Travelers & Bloggers Deals Wrap-up

This covers some of my favorite travel and blogging tools that will/should be running deals for Black Friday. As you can tell, many of them have already started their deals. I hope you found this list helpful. Happy shopping and have a safe and healthy holiday.

If you like these deals, I’d love it if you could share so others can enjoy these sales as well! Sharing below!

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