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Why Every Blogger Should Be Using Pinterest

With so many social platforms, it can be so overwhelming on which ones should hold our main focus. The point of having a blog is to drive traffic, am I right? What’s the point of writing helpful guides, food recipes, etc. if you can’t get anyone onto your site?! I started my blog at the end of 2017. My main promotion was on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

With a few family members and friends, many days my blog got zero traffic….ziltch. There is nothing more frustrating than putting so much time to create content for only a few family friends to see it. That is all until I started to learn about Pinterest 2 months ago, and seriously guys, it gave my blog life! If you’re a blogger like me, Pinterest can give your page life too!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, where I might receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

So Why Should a Blogger be on Pinterest?

  1. Pinterest acts as a Visual Search Engine. People are coming on with the purpose of reading and saving pins.
  2. On Pinterest, you have the ability to be a part of groups where you can share similar content.
  3. Pinterest gives you the ability to be creative with your pins.
  4. Pinterest lets you utilize your SEO skills and hashtags to target users interested in your pins.
  5. Your pins don’t disappear as a photo would on a timeline or feed. It will appear on relevant searches, feeding your blog users.
  6. Pinterest is partners with Tailwind – which can help you manage your time and bring more traffic to your site. I was extremely reluctant about this purchase. I figured I would just check out the free trial, and cancel, but once I started using it, I couldn’t turn back. More about this below.

How To Get Started on Pinterest

If you want to up your game and have some real people reading the blog you have worked so hard on, let’s start setting up that Pinterest account together! Click here for my detailed guide on setting up your business Pinterest account and claiming your website!

Setting Up Your Pinterest

Once you create/convert to a business Pinterest account and claim your website, it’s time to start growing your Pinterest. To start off, let all your followers across your social media platforms know about your Pinterest page. This way you can grow some followers of your already loyal community.

Next is to start growing your Pinterest boards. You will want to create boards that relate to your brand. So for example, I am a travel blogger, therefore my boards are all related to travel destinations and guides.

You should not be pinning personal ideas on this page such as house renovation ideas. If you like, you can make private boards for this that your followers will not see. Additionally, you can have a personal Pinterest account like mine that is separate from your business.

Making Pins for Pinterest

Now that you have set up your boards, it is time to start making pins for your blog posts to pin. The best place to make pins is on Canva and they should be sized 1000×15000.

One tip when designing your pins to take into consideration is making sure the text is legible. This means that your copy is large enough to see on mobile, the color doesn’t blend in, and the font is not scripty to the point it’s hard to tell what it says.

Additionally, just use Pinterest as a user and see what pins resonate with you for design and get inspiration.

Scheduling Your Pins

Last year the best way to schedule your pins was through Tailwind. A lot has changed in the past year and a lot of pinners are now scheduling their pins via Pinterest scheduling tool.

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to schedule months and months of content and helps decide the most optimal times for those pins to go out. This tool is great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on the Pinterest platform and want to batch out content.

Tailwind also comes in handy if you want to schedule a lot of images as pins from your blog post with detailed pin descriptions.

Choosing to use Tailwind or the Pinterest Scheduling tool is based on your needs. Since Tailwind is an approved tool of Pinterest, it should not affect your pins despite what you might hear online.

I personally use both the Pinterest scheduler and Tailwind.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest

Essentially, you choose pins you like, click schedule, choose the boards you want to share it on, and then Tailwind pushes it out at the most optimal times. What I love the most is the bulk scheduler and the Tailwind communities.

Every time I write a new post, I will want to pin all the photos within the post. Doing them one by one takes me forever, especially if it’s a long travel guide.

With the bulk scheduler, you add the Tailwind Browser plug-in and just go on your post. Once you’re on the post, you click the little Tailwind Icon and it collects all the images on your post ready for scheduling.

Tailwind dashboard grow pinterest
Tailwind Dashboard

The user interface can be a little confusing at first, but I learned almost everything through their tutorial videos right on the platform. If you want to try out the free trial which gives you 100 scheduled posts, click here!

Pinterest for Blogging Overview

As you can see, Pinterest can play a huge role in marketing your blog. As a blogger, Pinterest has definitely helped me and I believe it’s a great platform for any blogger! Once you start creating pins for your blog posts, I am sure you will start seeing some traffic coming in!

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