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Top Photo-Worthy Murals You Can’t Miss in Raleigh, NC

There is something about murals in a city that really intrigues me and that I find so fun! Therefore I always find myself mural hunting, especially for those instagrammable ones. So, if you are heading to Raleigh, North Carolina, and love photo-worthy murals as much as I do, here are some of the best murals around Raleigh!

Insta-worthy Sprinkles Murals in downtown Raleigh. Large mural of cat with a crown, red and pink flowers with woman.
Photo-Worthy Sprinkles the Bobcat Mural in Downtown Raleigh

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I Believe in Raleigh Mural

What better photo-worthy mural to visit than the I Believe in Raleigh mural! Located in North Raleigh, this fun mural is actually a part of the Sola Coffee Cafe. So, if you are also hungry, this is a great place to be, as they are known to have amazing donuts, among tons of other great bites.

The I Believe Mural is also considered a historical landmark in Raleigh, cool right?! The Cafe is open from 7 AM – 3 PM Monday-Saturday, however, you can always go and visit the mural! Additionally, they also have this cool old fire truck in front too!

Address: 7705 Lead Mine Rd. Raleigh, NC 27615

Insta-worthy I Believe in Raleigh Murals with woman standing in front. Mural is blue with orange and white letters.

Marble’s Wall Mural – Color Pop Wall

You will find a ton of murals in Downtown Raleigh, but one of my favorite photo-worthy artworks is the Marbles Color Pop mural! This mural’s bright and vibrant colors just make me feel happy.

If you happen to be traveling with kids in Raleigh, you might even want to consider checking out the museum after.

Address: 201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Marbles Mural in downtown raleigh. Woman in pink dress with vibrant color wall
Marbles Mural

The Raleigh Founded Mural (Formally Raleigh HQ Mural)

The Raleigh Founded mural is another Insta-worthy mural located in downtown Raleigh. The mural is actually painted on a co-working space of 48,000 sq feet, so don’t be alarmed if you see people looking at you from out the window.  This mural was also recently redone.

Address: 310 S Harrington St Raleigh, NC 27601

Raleigh Founded Mural
Raleigh Founded Mural

No Damsel Mural

Located across the street from the CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) Raleigh, you will find the No Damsel Mural. It is also on the same street as the Raleigh Founded mural, so you can see both!

This mural depicts the Disney Princesses in a new light and is totally worth the photo.

Address: S Harrington St Raleigh, NC 27601 – Same street as the Raleigh Founded Mural but on the opposite side of the street.

Photo-worthy No Damsel Murals in Downtown Raleigh

Murals in Midtown East Raleigh

The Midtown East Raleigh shopping center has tons of murals all around it. My favorite is the mural of hands in the shape of a heart!

The mural is in the parking lot on the side of a restaurant, so it is best to get there during the week or earlier in the morning if you are looking for that insta-worthy photo.

On the other side of the parking lot, you will find another cool mural of what looks like people going up the stairs.

Address: 1105 Mercantile Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609

Heart hand mural in Midtown East Raleigh. Woman jumping under mural

All Are Welcome Raleigh Mural

You can’t go to Downtown Raleigh without also seeing The All Are Welcome Raleigh Mural! This mural is was originally painted in 2015 by artist Luke Buchanan considered the unofficial welcome sign of downtown Raleigh!

For some reason, Raleigh has decided to put a lot of their awesome murals in parking lots. I mean, I get it, but if you are looking for photo-worthy images of these murals, it is best to either come early or when the restaurant or store is closed.

The All are Welcome Mural is located in the Pooles Pies parking lot, and the mural was loved so much, the artist was welcomed back in 2019 to refresh the mural.

Address: 428 S McDowell St Raleigh, NC 27601

Photo-worthy All are welcome Raleigh NC Mural at Pooles DIner

Sprinkles the Bobcat Mural

While you are in downtown Raleigh, it is almost imperative you take a stroll or drive down Glenwood South Ave. In general, it is a pretty lively area full of restaurants, bars, and Sprinkles the Bobcat.

This glamorous cat is arguably the most unique and also the best mural in Raleigh! Again, Sprinkles is in a parking lot, so plan accordingly.

Address: 407 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC 27601

Sprinkles the Bobcat Mural Raleigh
Sprinkles the Bobcat Mural

How to See the Raleigh Murals

The best way to see these photo-worthy murals in Raleigh is by car. If you are just staying in Downtown Raleigh with no car, you can see a ton of murals including most of the above by just walking! There are also tons of other Instagrammable spots in Raleigh to check out!

Photo-Worthy Raleigh Murals Review

This covers all the photo-worthy murals you shouldn’t miss in Raleigh. However, if murals are really your jam, know that you will find a ton while exploring downtown Raleigh.

Have other Raleigh murals you would love to see on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Photo-worthy Murals in Raleigh, NC

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