STUNNING Sunflower Fields In Long Island, NY (FROM A LOCAL)

Best Sunflower Fields In Long Island, New York

If you landed on this page in search of sunflower fields you can visit in New York, you have come to the right place! As a local Long Islander, I am thrilled to share some beautiful places near you to see sunflower fields in Long Island – AKA Strong Island!

Did you know you could find sunflower fields near NYC on Long Island? If not, get ready because Long Island has some incredible flower fields. That’s right; Long Island is more than just stunning beaches.

In this Long Island guide, I’m sharing some of the best sunflower fields in Long Island, NY!

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FYI: To my other local Long Islanders – Yes, I know it is “on Long Island” and not “in Long Island”, however, since people search both terms, I had to include both of them. Don’t shun me! 

Sunflower Patch in North Carolina at Hill Ridge Farms

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Best Time To See Sunflowers in Long Island, New York

To have the best opportunity of seeing sunflower fields, patches, and mazes on Long Island, the best time to visit is from mid-July to August. Even then, it’s still best to check with the farm directly to make sure their sunflower fields have bloomed because the weather is different every year.

Sunflowers on Long Island can bloom in early June, as well as, having sunflower fields open past October!

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Sunflower Fields at Waterdrinker Farm Sunflower Festival

The Waterdrinker Family Farm not only has beautiful sunflower fields but also has a tulip festival in the spring, wildflowers, a fun pumpkin patch in the fall, and a whole winter wonderland for the holidays!

If I am being honest, Water Drinker is my favorite farm on Long Island to see sunflowers thus far, so if you can only visit one, consider trekking to this Long Island farm.

Overall, the Waterdrinker farm does a great job maintaining its sunflower patch and continues to bring more special touches and activities each year for its Sunflower Festival.

Recently, they included sunset visits in their sunflower fields for beautiful photos. Their sunflower patch is also pet-friendly, which is always a big win in my book. 

The Farm offers a cute shop with additional flowers to buy and local Long Island produce you can purchase. They are also very family-friendly, so kids can enjoy hayrides and farm animals. 

Additionally, the Water Drinker serves food, including roasted corn (which is delicious), along with other quick snacks to enjoy in their outdoor seating. They have also just recently opened up a brewery that has become very popular! It was built in an old potato barn. 

They also provide a lot of information on their Facebook page with upcoming events!

From NYC, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the Waterdrinker sunflower patch, but totally worth it.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM and Saturday – Sunday: 9 AM -6 PM

Address: 663 Wading River Road Manorville, New York 11949

Long Island Fun Fact: Long Island farms were known for growing lots of potatoes back in the day!

Waterdrinker Sunflower Market Place
Waterdrinker Sunflower Market Place

Manor Farm Sunflower Maze

The Manor Farm is a cute little farm located in Huntington, Long Island. Their Long Island farm actually has a sunflower maze as opposed to an actual field, but it is such a cool place! IMO, their sunflower maze is really a hidden gem among places you can visit on Long Island.

With dozens of different types of sunflowers, you can make your way through their maze. It is free to visit and walk through their sunflower maze with a donation box. They also run different types of events throughout the year you can check out.

This Long Island sunflower maze is the closest to NYC. It’s just about 1 hour away with no traffic.

Address: 210 Manor Rd Huntington, New York 11743

To keep updated with their latest blooms, check their Facebook page, where they leave updates on their sunflowers!

Inside the Manor Farm Sunflower Maze
Inside the Manor Farm Sunflower Maze

Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm Sunflower Maze

Coming back for its third season, Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farms is getting its Long Island sunflower maze ready! 

Enjoy walking through their acre of sunflowers and getting those Instagram-worthy photos with “photo spot props” placed throughout the maze.

Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm plans on opening their first maze around father’s day (weather permitting). They plan to be open every day from 11 AM – 6 PM, pending the weather!

Admission will be $6 per person, and children 5 and under are free. You must have cash or PayPal for admission. 

To stay up-to-date on sunflower blooms and the official sunflower maze opening, make sure to check out Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm’s Facebook page!

Since they are located in Riverhead, consider visiting some of the best vineyards on Long Island!

Address: 2287 Sound Avenue, Calverton NY 11933

Sunflower on Long Island NY close-up with bumble bee

Pindar Vineyard and Sunflower Fields

Want to enjoy both sunflower fields and wine? Then Pindar Vineyard and Sunflower Fields need to be on your list!

Pindar has a winery and cellar along with tasting and vineyard tours, and of course, epic sunflower fields to wander through. While visiting this sunflower patch, enjoying everything this Long Island vineyard has to offer is a good idea!

They grow 17 varieties of grapes and 23 varieties. Pindar also offers live music on the weekends.

On top of that, 80% of their electrical needs come from wind power!

Check Pindar Vineyard’s socials for their sunflower patches and wine updates!

Address: 37645 NY-25, Peconic, NY 11958

Sunflower Fields in Long Island

Crossroads Farm at Grossman’s Sunflowers

If you are looking for another local gem sunflower field in Long Island, consider visiting Crossroads Farm in Malverne. If you don’t live in Malverne or around Valley Stream, the chances of you knowing about this farm are slim to none, but it’s cute!

They are a tiny farm located 5 minutes from my old home, so I was always treated to their sunflower fields close to home. 

If you find yourself in Nassau County, consider giving them a visit. Malverne is a cute little town, and this will be your closest Sunflower field from NYC. On top of that, since this area is a part of my old New York stomping grounds, here are some of my favorite restaurants in the area.

  • A&S for bagels. My favorite is the cheddar cheese bagel, and their french toast bagel is amazing!
  • King Umberto’s for Pizza & Italian food. Try the capellini.
  • Gonzos for Mexican.
  • Valbrook Diner has a great breakfast and lunch.
  • La Bottega for panninis. 

Address: 480 Hempstead Avenue Malverne, NY 11565

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Long Island Sunflower maze

F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm

If you’re a frequent Long Island farm visitor, you have, at the very least, heard of F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm! Located in Melville, they are famous for their pumpkin picking and haunted house during the fall season.

But something many don’t talk about is that they also have a sunflower maze with sunflower picking during this time too! On top of that, you can go in the corn maze, hayrides, pumpkin picking, and more. They also have a concession and tons of other things for those with kids.

Because this farm is so popular, I suggest going early in the morning to avoid the crowds. If you can visit during weekdays, they are open, that will also help make your experience more enjoyable!

Because they don’t keep their socials or website up-to-date, the best way to get information is by calling them to ensure the sunflowers are blooming and that they haven’t all been picked!

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Phone Number: (631) 271-3276

Address: 26 Pinelawn Rd, Melville, NY 11747

North Fork Sunflower Maze

Another great sunflower maze on Long Island is the North Fork Sunflower Maze in Mattituck. Not only are they 4th generation farmers, but they also grow their own potatoes and make potato chips! They started farming their 170-acre farm back in 1910! 

They decided to open their sunflower maze in 2012 and now use the sunflower oil for, you guessed it, their potato chips!

The North Fork Sunflower Maze is also pet-friendly! They have events going on at their sunflower field often, so it is best to check their website for the latest details.

Admission: $8 per person and free for children under 10 years old.

Hours: 7 days a week Monday – Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM and Friday – Sunday: 9 AM – sunset. Always double-check with the farm, as they sometimes close due to weather.

Address: 8350 Wickham Ave, Mattituck, NY 11952

Sunflower Fields in Long Island. Close-up of Sunflower at Hill Ridge Farm

Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market Sunflower Maze Festival – UPDATE

Update: The Garden of Eve Organic Farm has been purchased by the Waterdrinker. You can expect similar pricing and events.

Also located in Riverhead Long Island, find the awesome sunflower fields at the Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market. Their sunflower maze has around 100,000 planted sunflowers to wander through.

They are located at the East End of Long Island. This is right where the North Fork wine country begins in Riverhead NY, and it is about 80 miles from New York City.

Hours: Open through the months of April – October. Daily 9 AM – 6 PM.

Address: 4558 Sound Avenue Riverhead, New York 11901

close-up in sunflower fields in long island, New York

Schmitt’s Farm Stand on Sound Sunflower Field

If you were thinking about sunflower field hopping, consider adding Schmitt’s Farm Stand to your list! Located in Riverhead, this 4th generation farm has been around for 150 years! Their 165-acre farm provides fresh produce, including lettuce, spinach, cabbage, super sweet corn, and more!

Besides their beautiful flower fields that bloom in early summer, you can also check out what their stand offers year-round.

Some offerings you will find are their specialty products, including our famous Holy Schmitt’s horseradish, dressings, jams and preserves, baked goods, and more. Learn more about Schmitt’s Farm Stand here!

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM; Sunday: 9 AM – 4 PM. Also, check their Facebook page for hours as they sometimes change.

Address: 3355 Sound Avenue Riverhead, NY 11901

Patty’s Berries and Bunches

Looking for a Long Island farm that has much more than just sunflowers to pick? Patty’s Berries and Bunches offers strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry picking along with other beautiful flowers, including Peonies and Dahlias!

This female-owned farmland dates back to 1975. During a visit, you can also indulge in seasonal ice cream and baked goods! For $8 per person, enjoy exploring 3 beautiful sunflower fields and getting some great photo-ops! On top of that, dogs are welcome to the sunflower fields! Stay up to date with Patty’s Berries and Bunches here.

Address: 10 Sound Ave, Mattituck NY 11952

How to Get to Long Island Sunflower Fields

Now that you know the best Sunflower Fields to visit on Long Island, let’s talk about how you will get to them! The best way to visit the sunflower fields in Long Island is by car. Actually visiting almost anywhere on Long Island is best by car. While Long Island does have public transportation, it is way more limited.

If you attempted public transportation, you would still likely have to take an Uber after to get to the sunflower patches.

Throughout the year the farms have other fun activities going on, including a corn maze, pumpkin picking, and Christmas trees.

Fun Sunflower Facts

If you love sunflower fields as much as I do, here are some cool facts you might enjoy about sunflowers!

  1. Sunflowers are native to the Americas and were domesticated around 1000 B.C.
  2. The best time to clip sunflowers for your vase is early in the morning after the morning dew has dried.
  3. Sunflowers always face the sun. This means they actually follow it throughout the day. How cool?!
  4. There are over 70 different types of sunflowers!
  5. A Sunflower is actually made up of 1,000-2,000 mini flowers that make the full flower we pick.
  6. Sunflowers can grow over 16 ft tall!
View of Waterdrinker Sunflower fields in Long Island
Sunflower fields at the Waterdrinker

What to Know Before Visiting Long Island Sunflower Fields

Never been to a Long Island sunflower field before? Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the flower fields on Long Island.

  • It is best to wear close-toed shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Sunflower fields can get muddy, especially after recent rain. My white shoes never looked the same after visiting a sunflower field!
  • Do not trample on the flowers or pick them if you are not supposed to. Following the farms and parks rules allows everyone to continue enjoying the sunflower fields in Long Island for years to come! Remember, a lot of photographers use photoshop to perfect the photo!
  • Bring a hatreusable water bottlebug spray, and sunscreen! Sunflowers grow best in direct sunlight, which means there might not be that much shade.
  • Don’t wear fragrant perfumes or cologne. This helps keep the bees from mistaking you for flowers.
  • Speaking of the bees, do not swat at them. The bees are hard at work pollinating. They are interested in the flowers, not you!

If you are looking to get the perfect photo in the Sunflower fields, I would suggest trying to visit as early as possible for soft lighting, or towards sunset for golden hour light. 

Sunflower Fields in Long Island New York: Wrap-up

Now you are ready to visit two beautiful sunflower fields in Long Island, New York! If you also love Lavender fields, check out where you can find Lavender fields in Long Island, which start to bloom from mid-June to July.

Have you visited any of these sunflower fields, mazes, or patches in New York? I’d love to know how you liked them in the comments below.

Have any questions about sunflower fields on Long Island, or feel like I missed something? Let me know!

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Sunflower Fields in Long Island, New York
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