Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

20 Tips to Know Before Going on an Alaska Cruise

When To Go

Alaska Cruises are seasonal from Spring until Fall. Mid-June - August are the best times to go.

Pack in Layers

Even summer can experience cooler temperatures, so make sure to pack layers for your Alaskan Cruise.

Shore Excursions

An important travel tip to know when cruising to Alaska is to book your shore excursions as soon as possible since they sell out quickly

Not All Cruises are Equal

Not all boats go to the same glaciers. If Glacier Bay is a must-see, only a few lines go there, including...

Round trip vs. One Way

There are two types of Alaskan Cruises; round trip or one-way. Round-trip is usually easier for first-timers.

Bring Your Passport

All US Cruises are required to stop in a foreign country. For Alaska, it is Canada, and many times you need your passport with you.

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