Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

3 Day Savannah Itinerary

Day 1: Riverfront

Start your day at the Riverfront. You will feel like you have walked back in time with a mix of old and new.

Day 1: Bonaventure Cemetery

You will want to make sure you add the famous Bonaventure Cemetery to your 3 day Savannah itinerary.

Day 1: Forsyth Park

Don't miss the iconic Forsyth Park. The water fountain is one is the star of the park, but the surrounding neighborhood is lovely.

Day 2: Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters

Savannah does have a bit of a dark path,  but it is interesting to learn. A great place to do it as at the Owen-Thomas House.

Day 2: Oglethorpe Square

Named after the founder of Savannah, Oglethorpe Square is one of the best squares to visit in Savannah.

Day 2: Telfair Academy

Next, head to the Telfair Academy where you can enjoy some lovely art and antiques.

Day 2: Chippewa Square

Likely the most famous square in Savannah is Chippewa Square, where they filmed Forest Gump. Add it to your 3 day itinerary.

Day 3: More Savanah or Tybee Island

One your 3rd day in Savannah, there is still tons of places to explore in the city, or take a day trip to Tybee island. Both are great!

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