Author: Sam Opp

Amsterdam Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

Public Transportation

Using Public Transportation is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam. All you need is Google Maps for directions.

Comfortable Shoes

Amsterdam is a very walkable city, so bring comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot!

Booking Attractions

One of the most important Amsterdam Travel tips to know - is booking attractions in advance online. They book up very fast.


Another one of the most essential Amsterdam travel tips to know is to not walk in the bike lane. They will run you over.

Amsterdam by Boat

Don't forget to see Amsterdam by boat with over 1,700 bridges and 165 canals. Consider making this the first thing you do when visiting!

Take a Day Trip

The Netherlands have a lot to offer, so you should certainly consider a day trip. Some popular day trips from Amsterdam include...

Coffeeshop vs Coffee Shop

Don't mix up your coffee shops. If you see coffeeshop as one word, it's a smoke shop. Coffee shop as two words is a regular cafe.


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