Perfect 4 Day Itinerary


With 4 days in Athens, the Acropolis is a must! Explore a plethora of Ancient Greece ruins.

The Acropolis

Athens Travel Tip:

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure to not lose your ticket. You will need it to get into other sites.

The Temple of Zeus is a must-visit with 4 days in Athens! This temple was also one of the largest in the time era.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Explore one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Athens, Plaka. Find tons of restaurants and shopping.

Visit Plaka in Athens

Walk down the hall of historic Olympians at the Panathenaic Stadium and see every Olympic torch. It is the only all marble stadium in the world!

The Panathenaic Stadium

Head through the Stoa Of Attalos up to the Athenian Agora for an amazing view of Athens, Greece; a must on your 4 day itinerary!

The Athenian Agora

The Library of Hadrian is full of history and lots to see with pretty photo spots, and fewer crowds than the Acropolis. This ancient ruin was built in AD 407-412.

Library of Hadrian

Add a beach day to your Athens Itinerary and soak in the Aegean Sea! With Crystal Clear water, it's the perfect way to enjoy your Athens vacation. 

Vouliagmeni Beach

Crystal Clear Water at Vouliagmeni Beach

> Athens has tons of Cats > You can't flush toilet paper  > Athens is budget friendly

Travel tips for Athens, Greece 4 Day Itinerary