Author: Sam Opp

Beautiful Tulip Farms Near Amsterdam

Tulip Season in the Netherlands

From the end of March until mid-May, you can experience beautiful tulip blooms around Holland. One of the most popular starting points is Amsterdam.

How to Visit Tulip Farms

Visiting tulip farms near Amsterdam is easy. They are located about 30 minutes by car or 40-50 minutes by bus tour.

Keukenhof Garden

Most people believe Keukenhof garden is the best place to see tulip fields, but you will not see huge rows of tulips here. Instead you need to visit the nearby farms.

Keukenhof Area

Instead, rent bikes near the garden and follow the tulip route to ride your bike along the farms.

The Tulip Barn

To take pictures at tulip farms near Amsterdam, head to the Tulip Barn that has tons of fun props.

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