Best Sunflower Fields in  Long Island, NY

Waterdrinker Sunflower Farm

The Waterdrinker Farm not only has beautiful sunflower fields, but also has tulips in the spring, wildflowers, and more!

Manor Farm Sunflower Maze

The Manor Farm is a cute little farm located in Huntington, Long Island. Their Long Island farm actually has a sunflower maze!

Rottkamp's Fox Hollow Farm

By popular demand, Rottkamp's Fox Hollow Farm is back for their second year sunflower Maze!

Pindar Vineyard & Sunflower fields

Want to enjoy both sunflower fields and wine? Then Pindar Vineyard and Sunflower fields need to be on your list!

Crossroads Farm at Grossman's

If you are looking for another local gem sunflower field in Long Island, consider visiting Crossroads Farm in Malverne.