Author: Sam Opp

Epic Day Trip to Ghent Belgium

Ghent Belgium

Located in East Flanders Belgium, Ghent is easily one of the most charming medieval cities in Belgium and a perfect day trip from many European cities.

Cross the Saint Michaels Bridge

One of the most beautiful bridges in Ghent located on the Leie River overlooking historic Ghent.

Climb the Belfry

Enjoy one of the best views of Ghent from the UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Ghent Belfry. This stunning tower was built in 1313 and a symbol of the city.

Explore Werregarenstraat

One of the most unique places you can visit on a day trip to Ghent is Werregarenstraat - a street dedicated to local graffiti artisits.

Visit the Zuivelbrug Bridge

Another bridge to add to your Ghent day trip is the Zuivelbrug Bridge, that offers views of the charming homes on the water.

Explore Patershol

Wander through Patershol, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Gent. This is also a great area to get food, drinks, and sweets.

Visit the the Gravensteen Castle

One of the coolest things you can do on a day trip to Ghent is visit the Castle of the Counts.

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