What to Pack for Egypt

Author: Sam Opp

Egypt packing list

Use this Egypt packing list to help plan what to wear. Swipe up for a free printable packing list as well!

Maxi Dresses

Since Egypt is a conservative county, covering your shoulders, knees and midsection is recommended, and a maxi dress does just that.

Long pants

Also make sure to pack long pants or overalls that are breathable material. During the winter, it can even be a little cold.

light tops

light t-shirts or blouses that cover your shoulders and back are also suggested. Light neutral colors are the best in the sun.

Shawl or Scraf

If you did plan to wear sleeveless tops, make sure to bring a scarf or shawl to cover your shoulders when needed.

light jacket

Winter is the most popular time to visit Egypt, but it does get cold when the sun goes down. Make sure to have a light jacket or fleece.

Shoes for Egypt

Make sure to have comfortable shoes for a lot of walking. Sturdy sandals or sneakers are best to add to your Egypt packing list.

Sunglasses and hat

Don't forget to add sunglasses and a hat to your Egypt packing list. It is very bright and there is very little shade.


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