Author: Sam Opp

Lapland Finland Winter Packing Guide

Winter in Lapland Finland 

If chasing the Northern Lights or experiencing a winter wonderland is on your bucket list, Lapland Finland is the perfect place for it.

How to Stay Warm in Lapland Finland

Staying warm in arctic temperatures is all about layering up - which is what this Lapland Finland Winter Packing guide is all about.

Base Layers

The first thing to add to your Lapland Finland winter packing list is your base layers. These are usually made from Merino wool. You put these on first.

Fleece Pants & Sweaters

Next, you will want to layer up on sweaters and fleece pants to help insulate your legs and torso.

Insulating jacket & Fleece Jacket

From there, having a fleece jacket and nano-puff insulating jacket will help trap all your body heat in, helping you stay warm.

Outer Warm Winter Jacket

Last, but not least is an outer layer jacket that is wind-resistant and water-resistant. This should also have some type of....

Snow pants & Snow Boots

Lapland Finland is covered in snow. You will be happy you added snow pants and snow boots to your packing list.

Bathing Suit

Lapland Finland is all about their sauna life - and you should try it out! Add a bathing suit to your winter packing list.

Winter Accessories

When packing for Lapland Finland, you can't forget about winter accessories, including gloves, hats, hand warmers, and...


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