Author: Sam Opp

France Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Planning a Trip to France

France is an incredible country with so much history and iconic cities and towns to visit and these France Travel tips are here to help.

Popular Places to Visit

France is a huge country but some of the top places to visit include Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Rouen, Colmar, and Bordeaux.


Must-Try French Food

One of the best France travel tips I can give you is to try authentic French food including Crème brûlée, Cassoulet, Croque Madame, and escargot.

France Transportation

One of the best ways to get around France is by public transport. They have a multitude of fast-trains that can get you all over France and neighboring countries.

France Safety

It's generally safe to travel to France. Having said that, beware of pickpockets in tourist-heavy areas. Pickpockets are particularly common in Paris.

When to Visit France

The best seasons to visit France are in the spring and fall if you want to travel when there are less tourists and cheaper costs.

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