Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

Fun NYC Spring Activities

Central Park

Strolling through Central Park is one of the best activities to enjoy during the Spring in NYC.

Tulips in NYC

If you love tulips, Spring is a great time to visit  NYC. They will be popping up all over the city!

The High Line

A beautiful place to enjoy a stroll is the High Line, an elevated greenway in Chelsea!

Cherry Blossoms in NYC

NYC also has a ton of cherry trees all over the city. Some of the best are at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Hang Out in Dumbo

Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and into the Dumbo Neighborhood. Enjoy lovely views, green spaces, great food and more.

Take a Day Trip to Coney Island

What better spring activity than to take a day trip to Coney Island and enjoy the rides, boardwalk, and authentic NYC food!

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