Helpful NYC travel tips - From a Local

Author: Sam Opp

NYC is Best Navigated by Public Transportation

When traveling to NYC - there is no reason to rent a car. The best way to get around is by foot or subway.

Avoid Chain Restaurants 

Another one of the top NYC travel tips to know is to avoid Chain restaurants. There are much better places to eat in NYC.

Visit Times Square but don't eat in Times Square

Times Square is a must on any NYC bucket list, but avoid eating in Times Square - it is extremely over priced.

Take note of NYC sidewalk rules

A NYC unwritten rule is following sidewalk etiquette. Walk on the right side and don't just stop in the middle. walk off to the side before stopping.

Beware of the bus and bike lane

Make sure to look out for the bike and bus lane when crossing the street. They are ruthless.

Use restaurant bathrooms

Finding a bathroom in NYC can be tough unless you are a customer, so use the bathroom any time you go to eat.

do some of the free things in nyc

Don't forget to do some of the Free activities NYC has to offer. NYC can be an expensive city.

Do at least one observation deck

Another one of the top NYC travel tips to know is that New York has some of the best observation decks and you should do at least one of them.

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