How To Plan A Trip To Egypt

Author: Sam Opp

Egypt Vacation Planning

This Egypt Travel Guide is designed to help you plan the perfect trip to Egypt!

How Many Days do You need in Egypt

When planning a vacation in Egypt, having at least 7 days on your itinerary is a recommended minimum.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt

The best months to visit Egypt are from September through April when the weather is more...

Do you need a guide in Egypt

You don't need a guide in Egypt, but it is highly recommended. This is because it will help you get around Egypt easier and...

Getting Around Egypt

The best way to get from city to city in Egypt will be by plane. In some instances, taking a Nile Cruise or by car can be better depending on what you want to visit.

Best Places to visit in Egypt

If this is your first time in Egypt, visiting Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan will allow you to see the most famous Ancient Egyptian attractions.

Is Egypt Safe?

From our experience, I would definitely say Egypt is safe to visit - especially when you are with a guide.

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