How to spend 1 day in Joshua Tree

Author: Sam Opp

Visiting Joshua Tree National Park

Located near Palm Springs, Joshua Tree is a part of the Mojave and Colorado Desert. You can easily spend 1 day in Joshua Tree and see some of the best attractions.

Getting around Joshua Tree

to explore Joshua Tree for 1 day or any days at all, you will need a car.

Stop 1 - Hidden Valley Nature Trail

This 1 mile loop hike is extremely popular because you can see both Joshua Trees and giant boulders.

Stop 2 - Barkers Dam

This is a 1.3-mile loop and another very popular trail to explore in Joshua Tree and a really nice trail.

Stop 3 - Hall of Horrors

The trail is a .6 mile loop and will bring you through little slot canyons.

Stop 4 - Skull Rock

Another must with 1 day in Joshua Tree is Skull Rock for its unique formation looking like a skull.

Stop 5 - Arch Rock

One of the coolest rock formations is arch rock and it is a short hike over! Another must!

Stop 6 - Cholla Cactus Garden

Enjoy the sunset at Cholla Cactus Garden for an epic sunset. This is the perfect way to end your 1 day in Joshua Tree National Park.

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