Author: Sam Opp

Fun Indoor Activities for When it Rains in New York City

Visit an Indoor Observation Deck

A great indoor activity to enjoy when it rains in New York City is one the the indoor observation decks, like the Summit!

Explore Grand Central

Grand Central is one of New York City's most iconic landmarks an a great indoor activity when it rains!

Experience a Broadway Show

Easily one of the best things to do when its raining in New York City is seeing a Broadway Show!

Browse Through the New York Public Library

If you find yourself near Bryant Park, the New York Public Library is a great indoor option to wait out the rain.

Explore a NYC Museum

One of the best indoor activities to enjoy in New York City when it rains is one of the incredible museums.

Cozy up at a Coffee Shop

NYC is known for their abundance of coffee shops. Take this opportunity to enjoy one of them until the rain passes!

Laugh it up at a NYC Comedy Club

Don't let it rain on your New York City Parade and have some laughs at one of the many comedy clubs around the city!

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