Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting

New York

New York City is best navigated through Public transportation! No need to rent a car.

Use Public Transportation

When visiting New York City, an important travel tip to remember is getting out of the city! New York has a lot to offer including Brooklyn, Queens, and even Long Island!

Getting Out of NYC

While in New York, it is essential to try some of NYC staples including pizza, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, jewish deli and diners!

NYC Food

New York City Sidewalks have their own traffic rules and they're pretty simple. There are two lanes. Stay on your right, and don't stop short =)


Speaking of walking, real New Yorkers don't wait for the walk signs. When there are no cars, we walk.


Another important New York travel tip is to take advantage of the many free things to do in New York City including crossing the Brooklyn Bridge!


NYC Sky Deck

Check out at least one NYC Sky Deck!

Another travel tip for visiting New York City is to learn some terminology like giving and asking for directions!

New York Terminology