Author: Sam Opp

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

If you are looking for NYC's best Christmas Lights, look no further than the lights in Dyker Heights.

How to Get Here

You have 3 options to view these epic lights; by tour operator, subway, or driving. All of which have pros and cons - but all easy to do.

When to See The Dyker Heights Lights

Any time after Thanksgiving until New Years will allow you to see the Christmas lights.

Where to See the Best Lights in Dyker Heights

For the best Christmas lights, head to 11th Ave. to 13th Ave. and from 83rd St. to 86th St. in Dyker Heights.

IS Dyker Heights Worth it?

If you love all things Christmas, Dyker Heights is a must! At least 100,000 people come to NYC  see them with millions of lights!

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