NYC Winter packing list

Author: Sam Opp


NYC Winter Packing list review

Planning to visit New York during the winter and wondering how warm you will need to dress?  Then keep reading!

When is the Winter Months in New York

you can begin to feel cold weather temperatures in early November to March.

Sweaters and Layers

Layering is important in New York during the wintertime. Make sure to bring base layers and warm sweaters.

Pants and Bottoms For Winter

A pair of long johns or fleece-lined leggings are the best way to help keep your legs warm with pair of jeans over thermals.

Warm Winter Jacket

A waterproof jacket that is very warm and insulated is a must on any NYC winter packing list.


You will also want to pack waterproof boots, or at the very least, water-resistant boots to keep your feet warm and dry in NYC.

New York Winter Accessories

Adding additional winter accessories to your NYC winter packing list will help add an extra layer of protection including....

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