Author: Sam Opp

What To Do in Paris at Night

Cruise Down the River Seine

One of the best things to do in Paris at night is to take a cruise down the Seine and see all the monuments lit up - including the Eiffel Tower!

Enjoy a Show at the Opera House

The Opera de Paris or ‘Palais Garnier’ is a great way to spend an evening in Paris. The building is stunning and the shows are the cherry on top!

See A Cabaret Show

A more unique way to enjoy Paris nightlife is at a Cabaret Show and what better place to do it than Paris?!

Experience the Louvre at Night

Arguably one of the most famous museums in the world, just got a whole lot cooler! Instead of being like your average tourist, explore this museum at night!

Catacombs of Paris at Night

Another unique way to enjoy a night in Paris is underground with the bones of Paris!


Tour Montparnasse

Did you know Paris has its very own observation deck to view the city and it's is open late at night for those skyline views?!


Paris Dessert

You can never go wrong with some late night crepes and ice cream in Paris and luckily, most places are open pretty late!

Visit The Eiffel Tower

The most Iconic Paris landmark made it a point to stay open at night! Enjoy the views at night or even dinner and drinks!

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