Author: Sam Opp

Pros and Cons for Moving to New York City

The City That Never Sleeps

One of the top pros for moving to New York City is that there are things to do at all hours of the night!

Close to Major Airports

If you love traveling, moving to New York City will allow you to be close to 3 major airports and usually has better flights!

Incredible Food

New York City is known for having incredible food - so if you move to NYC, you will be spoiled for choice!

Top Attractions

Another pro of moving to NYC is being able to have access to incredible attractions and entertainment at your finger tips!

NYC is Expensive

One of the top cons of moving to New York CIty is that it is so expensive. It is one of the most expensive cities in the USA.

Crowds in NYC

New York City is also a very crowded place which can be seen as a con when moving to the big apple.

Winters are COLD

If you're not used to cold temperatures, New York City can seem brutal to move to - especially during January and February.

NYC Traffic

Traffic in New York City is another top con. As a very populated city, traffic can drive you mad!

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