Author: Sam Opp

Things to Know For Visiting Belgium


Bordering France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Belgium is often referred to as the “crossroads of Europe.” It is now home to the European Union.

Belgium Language

Something pretty unique about Belgium is that it has 3 official languages! Dutch (Flemish), German, and French.

Beer, Waffles, Chocolate and Fries

The Belgians take their Beer, waffles, chocolate, and frites seriously. Did you know Belgium is dubbed as inventing the fry?

Tipping in Belgium

Belgium does not have a tipping culture so it is perfectly fine not to leave a tip - however, if you really feel inclined, 5-10% is the norm.

Medieval Cities

Belgium is full of medieval cities, making an architecture lovers dream. Some great medieval cities include Bruges and Ghent.


The best way to get around Belgium is by public transportation. The trains and trams are easy and convenient.

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