Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

Top Attractions in Amsterdam


One of the best attractions to enjoy in Amsterdam is Rijksmuseum. This stunning museum is a true gem, so make sure to get your ticket in advance.

The Red Light District

Can you really visit Amsterdam without taking a stroll down the infamous Red Light District?!

Cruise the Canals

Another top attraction you can't miss in Amsterdam is a ride down the charming canals that this city is so famous for.

The Anne Frank House

Full of history, you would be remiss to not stop by the Anne Frank House. This one requires getting tickets in advance.

Zaanse Schans

Located just outside of Amsterdam, this is an excellent attraction to visit if ou want to see windmills.

Van Gogh Museum

One of my favorite museums in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum which has so many of his famous pieces. If you're a fan of him, this is a top attraction for sure.

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