Author: Sam Opp

Top Attractions in Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Easily one of the top Edinburgh attractions is the Edinburgh Castle which sits atop an extinct Volcano.

Royal Mile

You can visit Edinburgh without walking the Royal Mile. This historic stretch of Road is easily one of the best places to explore the city.

Craigmillar Castle

One of the coolest attractions in Edinburgh is its castles which include the Craigmillar Castle located just outside the city center.

The Writers' Museum

A unique and popular attraction to visit for free is the Writers' Museum which is dedicated to 3 famous Scottish writers.

Princes Street Garden

A place to enjoy both the city and green spaces is at the Princes Street Garden located right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Dean Village

One of the most fairytale places to visit in Edinburgh is Dean Village. This whimsical village is unique compared to the rest of the city.

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