Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

Travel Must-Haves To Pack for Every Trip

Carry-on Suitcase

I never travel without a 4-wheel carry-on suitcase. In fact, I almost exclusively travel carry-on and is a travel-must have for anyone jetsetting.

Compression Travel Bags

These compression travel bags are one of the best inventions and I never travel without them! They allow you to fit so much while staying organized.

Clear Toiletry Bag

If you travel Internationally, one of the most important travel must-haves to save you headache are clear toiletry bags. If it's not clear, you might have issues.


In this day and age with airlines losing bags left and right, AirTags are a travel essential that allow you to have a GPS on your luggage.

Universal Travel Adapotor

Another one of the most important travel must-haves for International travel is a universal adaptor. They are always more expensive if your forget yours.

Headphone Jack

This travel accessory is essential if you don't want to chance using airplane headphones. There are still plenty of planes with the double headjack.

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