Travel Tips  to Know Before Visiting

Puerto Rico

As you can imagine, Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful beaches. Some of the beaches have even been named the most beautiful in the world.

Puerto Rico Beaches

A travel tip to know before visiting Puerto Rico is that although it's a territory of the USA, you should try to learn some Spanish and download the Google translate app. 

Spanish in Puerto Rico

Believe it or not, Puerto Rico has more to offer than just beaches. They have mountains ranging from 3,000-4,000 ft of elevation, rainforest and more.

Puerto Rico is not just beaches

One of my favorite travel tips to know before visiting Puerto Rico is to explore outside of Old San Juan. Puerto Rico has a ton to offer including a pink salt lake.

Another cool thing to know is that Puerto Rico has the largest rum distillery in the world and you can tour it, which I highly recommend. 

Local Puerto Ricans  are some of the kindest people

> The Drinking age is 18 > Americans don't need a passport  > Cellphone service works well

Other Things to Know Before Visiting Puerto Rico