Author: Sam Opp

What to Do in Óbidos - Portugal's Most Charming Town

Obidos, Portugal

Located an hour north of Lisbon, Obidos is a medieval town full of white-washed buildings, cobblestone alleys, and a castle!

Climb The Castle Walls

One of the best things to do in Obidos is to climb the castle walls that surround the town.

Visit The Obidos Castle

Originally built by the Moors, the Obidos Castle is a focal point of the town and cool to see up close.

Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra

Located just outside the walled town, Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra is another top attraction to see in Obidos.

Wander Down the Alleys

Obidos might just have some of the most charming alleys in Portugal - don't be afraid to get lost!

Praça De Santa Maria

Known as the main square of Obidos, make sure to stop by and even grab a bite to eat.

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