Author: Sam Opp

What to Know Before Visiting Paris

Explore Paris by Foot

Make sure to pack comfy walking shoes when visiting Paris because this city is best discovered by foot.

Utilize Public Transportation

Because Paris is a large city, make sure to also use public transportation like the metro!

Booking Attractions

One of the top tips to know before visiting Paris is to pre-book top attractions! Without a ticket, lines are outrageous.

Enjoy Paris Free Attractions

Paris is an expensive city, so make sure to enjoy some of the best free things to do in Paris.

Use the Toilet at Attractions

Free public toilets are rare in Paris, so make sure to use the restroom at attractions and restaurants.

Crossing the Street in Paris

Something to know for visiting Paris is that pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks unless there is a light indicator.

Pickpocketing in Paris

Pickpocketing is prevalent in Paris, and something to be aware of. Keep all of your valuables secure, especially in busy areas.

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