What to Pack for Bali indonesia

Author: Sam Opp

Bali packing list

Use this Bali packing list to help plan what to wear and bring when traveling to Bali, Indonesia.


You should definitely bring your own sunscreen with you to Bal because it can be a struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn’t contain whitening agents while you are in Bali.

Wet Wipes

In Bali, they use water instead of toilet paper in the bathroom. If you are used to Western culture, you may want to bring wet wipes with you.

Day Pack

Another thing you will want to pack in a backpack for traveling around. A bonus if it is water resistant or has a cover.


You should also bring sandals that are waterproof and easy to slip on and off, since you will need to take your shoes off to enter temples.

Long Dress/skirt

You will want to pack some long dresses or skirts that will cover your knees to enter religious sites in Bali.


When you are wearing shorts or shorter summer dresses, having a sarong or scarf will come in handy to cover your knees for religious sites in Bali.

Long Pants

You will also want to add a pair of long pants. Even though it is hot, it can help reduce the bug bites and they will be more comfortable at night or more adventurous activities.

Bathing suits

Bali has som of the most beautiful beaches - especially on the Nusa Islands. Don't forget a few swimsuits.

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