What You Need To Know Before Traveling to Egypt

Author: Sam Opp

Egypt travel tip reviews

If Egypt has been on your bucket list, here are all the travel tips you need to know before you go!

Is Egypt Safe?

From my experience, I would definitely say Egypt is safe to visit

Having Cash in Egypt

Another one of the most important travel tips to know in Egypt is that having cash on hand is very important, especially small bills.

The Driving in Egypt

The driving in Egypt felt like it was out of a movie. The traffic is INSANE, there are no real lines to stay in, and very few traffic lights.

Knowing the Dress Code

Egypt is primarily a Muslim country, so dressing modestly is the best course of action.

You Can Go Inside the Great Pyramid, But...

You can actually go inside the Great Pyramid, however, Because there is nothing inside, so it is really not worth it.

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