Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

Don't Forget These Items When Visiting Costa Rica

Light shirts and tanks

Don't forget breathable clothing when visiting Costa Rica. The humidity is high. Workout clothing works great.

Sweater and Pants

If you plan on visiting the mountainous region, make sure not to forget pants and a sweater since it gets cold.


Make sure to also pack a couple of swimwear options. Even if you don't visit the beach, Costa Rica has waterfalls and hot springs.

Rain Jacket

Sometimes people forget they are in the rain forest. Having a rain coat - especially during rainy season is essential.

Hiking Boots

Costa Rica is known for adventure and hiking so bringing waterproof hiking boots or waterproof shoes are worth it!

Bug Repellent & Sunscreen

Like most tropical places, having sun protection and bug repellent is a must and it is better to bring it with you than buying it in Costa Rica.

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