What to Wear in Puerto Rico Packing List

Puerto Rico Packing List: What to Wear and Pack 

Planning a vacation to the tropical island of Puerto Rico? Besides booking and planning your Puerto Rico itinerary, your next important step is figuring out what to pack! Therefore, I have put together this ultimate Puerto Rico packing list to have you covered on your vacation!

Rincon Sandy beach Puerto Rico add sunscreen to your packing list
Rincon Sandy beach Puerto Rico

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Weather in Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico is a part of the Caribbean, you will generally find warm temperatures all year. On average, the temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect to pack for a warm and humid climate. 

The hottest months in Puerto Rico are from May – September. The average temperatures will be around 80-90’s with very high humidity.

We were in Puerto Rico at the end of August and some nights the humidity was insanely high. During the days, we could just be sitting in the shade and sweating.

The cooler and most popular months to visit Puerto Rico are between the months of November through March.

If you are visiting Puerto Rico during the winter months, you might even want to consider a light jacket, especially in the mountain area.

Keep in mind that June through November is hurricane season in Puerto Rico. Plan to have a more flexible schedule and I’d highly recommend getting travel insurance, just in case. 

Add a bathing suit for el Yunque rainforest to your Puerto Rico packing list
El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico. You will want to add a bathing suit to your packing list

Essential things to Pack for Puerto Rico

How much you pack really depends on how many days you are staying, so we are going to start with the essential things you should consider packing for your Puerto Rico vacation. 

Quick Dry Towel

Quick-dry towels are one of my go-to items on any trip. They are compact, act as a squeegee, and are basically sand-proof.

For this beach vacation, you will definitely want to pack one in your bag. These are my favorite quick-dry towels.

Coral-Reef Safe Sunscreen 

Since you are vacationing in Puerto Rico, a beach destination, you need sunscreen. I always recommend wearing reef-safe sunscreen since you will be spending time in the water. 

My go-to is Juice Beauty (I prefer this one more) or Blue Lizzard. I also have very sensitive skin, and both work well. 

Isla Verde Beach Carolina Puerto Rico Sunrise
Isla Verde Beach

Bug Repellant

This tropical island has its bugs. So I would definitely add bug spray to your Puerto Rico packing list. You can also purchase this while you’re in Puerto Rico. I’d highly recommend it for visiting El Yunque Rainforest.

Waterproof Phone Case

I always add a waterproof phone case to my packing list when my trip involves a beach or lake. I plan on taking lots of photos on my phone, so I can’t have anything happen to it! 

Underwater Camera

If you love snorkeling, I’d recommend getting a GoPro. I especially use my GoPro for underwater photography.

To get even cooler photos, you can also use dome casing for half under the water and half over the water shots. 

Interested in more of my favorite camera gear? See what’s in my camera bag.

You can also fly drones in Puerto Rico recreationally. I have the DJI Air 2 and love it!

Sea Turtle in Maui Hawaii
GoPro Photo Swimming with turtles

Dry Bag

I usually also add a dry bag to my packing list and Puerto Rico is one place I wish I actually brought it. Specifically when we were kayaking to the bioluminescent bay.

We had to leave our valuables in a locker instead of being able to bring them. So I’d recommend a dry bag!

Battery Pack

A battery pack is one of my favorite travel accessories. Mainly because as a content creator I use my phone a lot, therefore, having this battery is a life-saver!

Small one | larger one

Reusable Water bottle

I always pack my Lifestraw water bottle no matter where I go, however, any reusable water bottle will work. The water is technically safe to drink in Puerto Rico, but I still prefer having the Lifestraw filter.

Solid Shampoo and Soap

If you dislike dealing with liquids when traveling, consider getting bar shampoo and soap. I use both the Lush Shampoo (Jumping Juniper) and conditioner (American Cream) bars. They make traveling so much easier. 

I’ve also been using their solid face wash (Herbalism) for years and still love it. I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Lush Shampoo bars
Screenshot from Lush’s website

Other Toiletries to Pack

Here are some of your other basic Toiletries to pack for your Puerto Rico vacation.



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    What to Wear in Puerto Rico

    Since Puerto Rico is generally really hot, you will want to pack summer and beach clothes for the most part. 

    Believe it or not, I actually packed all of this into my carry-on suitcase and my LowePro Camera bag backpack.

    Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico
    Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

    Summer Dress

    I would add at least 1-2 summer dresses should be a part of any Puerto Rico packing list. Lulus has really cute summer dresses.

    Lake Norman State Park wearing 2 white skirt and top with straw hat
    Cute Lulus 2 piece

    Summer Skirts 

    For those of you who follow me on Instagram know I love a twirly skirt. I actually always get questions about these skirts and I get them mainly from Chicwish. 

    I usually pack 2-3 skirts with me to throw on over my shorts for a photo lol, but you can wear them all day! 

    Denim Shorts 

    I really live in denim shorts and I packed 2 pairs with me for Puerto Rico. 

    Fortaleza Street Old San Juan
    Fortaleza Street Old San Juan where umbrellas used to be hung

    Pair of  Sandals 

    For this Puerto Rico Packing list, let’s include 2 pairs of sandals. I always bring my Birkenstock sandals because I find they are the most comfortable for a lot of walking.

    Then bring one extra pair that may not be as bulky and you don’t care if they get wet.

    I usually don’t pack heels with me because there is just not enough room. Also, we tend to be very active travelers. However, feel free to add a wedge if you must!

    For men, a pair of slides will do it for the beach. Alex has these slides.


    If you plan on visiting El Yunque and hiking through the rainforest, I’d recommend a pair of sneakers that you won’t care if they get muddy. 

    Light Raincoat

    Again, this one is mainly for El Yunque Rainforest. It rains a lot, so if you have room for it, I’d recommend a light rain jacket. This is the raincoat I have

    You could also bring one of those compactable umbrellas instead. 

    Fun Fact: El Yunque is the only Tropical Rainforest in the United States. 

    Visit El Yunque Tropical Rainforest for as one of the fun things to do in Puerto Rico
    El Yunque Tropical Rainforest lookout

    Light T-shirts & Tanktops

    You will likely be sweating a lot, so I’d recommend packing a couple of very lightweight t-shirts and tanktops. For the most part, I live in a tank top. 

    For men, I’d recommend the same.

    Castillo San Felipe del Morro Puerto Rico
    View from El Morro Fort in Old San Juan

    Bathing Suits

    You can’t go to Puerto Rico without a swimsuit. I’d pack 2. Linking some of my favorites. You can also find some pretty cute beach cover-ups and sarongs on amazon.

    Cute one piece from H&MCute one piece from Everything but WaterLemon Two-Piece on Revolve

    Carolina Beach Puerto Rico

    Sunglasses and Sunhats

    You of course can’t go to Puerto Rico without a pair of Sunglasses and a cute sunhat. 

    When packing a sunhat, I find it is best to either wear it on the plane. Or, when packing your clothes, leave a hold in the middle and turn the hat upside-down. Then fill the head part with smaller items. Two of my go-to hats are:

    Oversized hat from Lulus | Floppy hat (pictured above)

    Walking through the Fields at the Lavender Oak Farm in Chapel Hill, NC. Wearing oversized sun hat and white dress.
    Lulus big Floppy hat

    Shoe bag or Reusable Bag

    I always pack my shoes in a shoe bag, to not get my suitcase or clothes dirty along with a reusable bag. I put all my dirty clothes in the re-usable bag to keep myself organized.

    I have a handful of shoe dust bags that I use, but if you don’t have any, check out these shoe bags.

    Small Day Bag

    If you are more of an adventure traveler, I’d recommend a small backpack to carry your things. 

    Also not to be forgotten are your socks, undergarments, belt (My husband always forgets this), and Pjs.

    Other Things You Might Want to add to Your Puerto Rico Packing List

    Now that we have the main things to pack for Puerto Rico, here are some other things I pack or use for my trips. 

    Carry-on Suitcase ( I personally love Delsey) | Large SuitcasePacking Cubes Noise Canceling Headphones (these are the ones I have)

    Puerto Rico Packing List: Wrap-up

    This concludes my Puerto Rico Packing list of what you should pack and wear on your trip! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you! 

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    Puerto Rico Packing List what to pack and wear in Puerto Rico

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