Pennsylvania Travel Tips

Planning on visiting the Keystone State? Located in the Northeast United States, this bustling state has so much to offer. From popular cities including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to lovely mountain getaways in the Poconos, there are tons to see and do! If you are into American History, you will definitely want to make a stop in Philadephia to see the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence.

Pennsylvania borders a handful of states including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio.

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Pennsylvania Travel Guide Tips

Here is some practical information and travel tips for traveling in Pennsylvania including popular cities, favorite eats, and more!

Pennsylvania Capital: Harrisburg

Harrisburg Population: 50,213

Pennsylvania Population: 12.79M

Credit Cards/ATM: Credit cards are widely accepted in Pennsylvania. Some of the major banks are Wells Fargo, Chase, Truist Bank, and PNC Bank. 

Currency: The United States US Dollar is the only form of currency.

Airport: Pennsylvania has a handful of airports across the state, but its most popular airport to fly to is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). This is the state‘s largest domestic and international Airport with Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) following close behind. Find flights here.

Getting Around Pennsylvania: This depends on if you are traveling to a city or up in the Mountains of Pennsylvania. If you’re traveling to cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, taking public transportation and walking is your best bet. Cities also have Uber/Lyft.

In more country-like areas, a car will be needed like in the Poconos. Find cars here.

Popular Places in Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Poconos, Delaware Water Gap, Scranton, Hershey, and Lancaster.

Famous Dishes Across Pennsylvania: Philly cheese steaks, Shoo-Fly Pie, Scrapple, Tastykake, Whoopie pies, and hot pretzels. Make sure you tip your waiter/waitress.

Pennsylvania Safety: There are mixed opinions on the safety of Pennsylvania, however, tourist areas are generally safe. The rate of danger is much lower than the average United States. Take regular precautions you would while traveling.

Cell Phone Reception: If you are visiting Pennsylvania from abroad, making sure your cell phone is unlocked is important. While phone plans are quite expensive, pre-paid plans are available. Use wifi when you can or what your current carrier can do for you.

Carriers in the USA include Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. T-Mobile tends to have pre-paid plans. There are also E-Sims that work well.

Sports Teams: Pennsylviana has a lot of pride when it comes to their sports teams. The Philadelphia Phillies (Baseball), Philadephia Eagles (Football), Pittsburgh Steelers (Football), Philadelphia Flyers (Hockey) Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey), and Philadelphia 76ers (Basketball).

Weather in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s climate is characterized as fluctuating and humid. Pennsylvania does experience all 4 seasons.

In Spring, Pennsylvania’s weather is very varied. In the southern locations, it quickly becomes warm and humid but further north, spring begins further into the year. The temperatures vary from 60°F to 65°F.

Summer in Pennsylvania is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 68°F to 86°F. In the south, the climate is much hotter, and there is more access to entertainment. The closer you are to the mountains, the cooler it will be.

Fall in Pennsylvania is described as ‘truly golden.’ With the leaves turning yellow, red, and orange, this can make it a scenic time to visit. The temperatures during fall months are generally around 65°F to 38°F.

Simmilar to the other Northeastern States, Pennsylvania is cold during the winter months and experiences snow. There are many mountains known for skiing and other winter activities. The coldest months are generally January and February, and average temperatures are around 38°F to 28°F.

Pennsylvania Travel Guides

Pennsylvania Resources

When visiting Pennsylvania, here are some travel sources you can depend on when booking hotels and attractions.

My go-to booking site is Bookingdotcom. I use them for almost all my bookings. They have a very flexible cancellation policy, which is one of the main reasons I use them!

For tours and attractions, my go-to is Viator. Viator offers tons of tours that have reviews from real people.
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