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Travel Blogging Tips, Resources and Social Media

In 2017, I decided to jump into the world of travel blogging and social media content creation. It took years of learning, adapting, and pivoting to get to where I am today. When I first started there wasn’t as much information available or information was gatekept. I believe there is enough room for all of us, therefore, I am sharing my blogging tips, resources, and social media guides all in one place.

On this travel blogging tips page, you will find resources on how to start a travel blog, my SEO tips, and tricks, courses I’ve used and trust, and my go-to tools.

Artist Palette in Death Valley
Artist Palette

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Blogging Tools

Here is a list of the blogging tools I have used in the past or are currently using now. All of the below information is related to WordPress websites, although some tools can also be used on other platforms.

Blog Hosting

Assuming you have a WordPress website (which is the most popular for travel blogs), you will need to have your website hosted. WordPress is where you design your site and your hosting company is what makes your website live on the internet. Below are my hosting recommendations.

Big Scoots Website Hosting: I love Big Scoots. I’d recommend Big Scoots for serious bloggers since it is a little more on the expensive side. They are who I currently host with and I have been with them for over a year.

SiteGround Hosting: SiteGround is a little more expensive than Bluehost, but is usually recommended over them for better customer support. Once your website grows, you also won’t have to immediately change hosting as I did with Bluehost.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, you can see how to set up your travel blog in a few easy steps.

Website Theme

I have tried a fair share of website themes. From really “pretty” Themes, utility themes, etc. What I have learned is a theme is extremely important for your website’s speed. After a lot of investigation, I am now with Generate Press Website themes, which are very customizable and lightning fast.

Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch when you have a premium plan, which if you are serious about blogging, I’d recommend it. Check out Generate Press Themes here.

Other themes I’ve used that I would NOT recommend are Soldad (pretty theme but slow) and Astra(fast but slow customer service).

Travel Blog SEO

If you are even mildly serious about travel blogging, having an SEO tool is essential. Without it, you will likely be writing with no intent of people ever seeing your blog.

KeySearch SEO Tool: This is my go-to tool for all my SEO Research. I use it every day and you can even use my discount code “FINDLOVETRAVEL” for 20% off with the above link!

Other Travel Blogging Tips & Tools

Here are some other travel blogging tips & tools you should check out for your travel blog.

Email Marketing: I’ve used both Mailchimp and Convertkit.

VPN: Protect your IP address with a VPN. This is important, especially if you are on the road working on public wifi. I use NordVPN.

Canva Pro: I use this tool for creating all my infographics and Pinterest Pins. This is one of the best tools I use specifically for blogging. They have a free version, although the Pro gives you access to all their stock photos and unlimited storage.

Travel Blogging Courses: If there is anything I learned from Travel blogging is that NOT investing in yourself is a huge mistake. I learned this the hard way and it took way longer than I’d like to admit to start earning from my blog. One of the best courses I took was the Blogging Fastlane with Anna and Tom. You can use my link to get their free webinar here!

Ad Networks: One way to make money on your blog is through Ad Networks. I’d recommend waiting until you reach at least 10k monthly pageviews to apply. Some Adnetworks also have minimum pageview limits. Shemedia | Ezoic | Monumentric | Mediavine | Google Ads | Ad Thrive

Affiliate Networks: Another great way to earn is through Affiliate networks. Some networks to check out are: Amazon Associates | | | Skim Links | Get Your Guide | Reward Style (email me to refer you to get a $25 reward).

Camera Gear: As a travel blogger, photography is an important aspect. Here is the gear I use as a professional photographer and travel blogger. Additionally, I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos.

6 Things I significantly to grow my blog

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