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Relax at beaches in Maui with 5 days in Maui, Hawaii. View of blue ocean and green jungle.

Hawaii Travel Tips

Hawaii has been one of our favorite destinations and not just because we honeymooned here! Full of lush jungles, jaw-dropping landscapes, and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder so many people flock to the Hawaiian Islands all year round! This travel guide will provide you with tons of Hawaii travel tips including resources to help you book an unforgettable experience in Hawaii!

Below, find travel guides, packing lists, tips, and more for Maui and Kauai, Hawaii! 

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Hawaiian Background

Around 1,500 years ago, the Polynesians arrived in the  Hawaiian islands by voyaging across the ocean using only the stars to guide them.

Hawaii had been ruled by Kings and Queens before being annexed by the United States in 1898 to become the 50th state.

Did you know Hawaii is located in the Oceania Pacific and is made up of 8 major islands (Kahoolawe, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Big Island, Lanai, and Niihau). 

While Hawaii is a part of the United States, you can still experience a Polynesian culture on the islands! The locals are very friendly and live very laid-back lives. 

Hawaii is also working hard on being environmentally sustainable with a goal to run 100% on renewable energy by 2045!

You will also notice the use of paper straws, bags, and more to help protect their environment!

What to Expect in Hawaii

Language: Since Hawaii is a state in the United States, the language is English. The Hawaiians do have a native language, Ōlelo Hawaiʻi, however, there are fewer speakers each year. 

Currency: The USD is used in Hawaii.

Cards/ATM’s: Credit Cards are widely accepted and ATMs can be found everywhere. 

Tipping in Hawaii: Tipping is expected and around 15-25%

Hawaii Safety: In general, Hawaii is relatively safe to travel for Solo Female Travelers. Use regular caution. 

Power outlets: The Hawaii standard voltage is 120 V with a frequency is 60 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Hawaii because of the standard voltage of 120 V (same as in the United States). universal adaptor.

Getting Around: Renting a car is the best way to travel around Hawaii!  There are minimal public transportation options, so if you don’t rent a car, you will have to do everything through tours. You can check car rental prices along with flights and hotels on SkyScanner!

Weather in Hawaii

You can visit Hawaii all year long since Hawaii has tropical climates. With really only two seasons (summer and winter) the temperatures never dip lower than 78F.

  • Summer temperatures are between May – October an average d 85° F (29.4° C).
  • Winter’s average daytime temperature is 78° (25.6° C). Winter months in Hawaii are November – April.

During winter, you will see a lot more ocean swells, making the waters very rough, but great for surfing! 

The best times to travel to Hawaii will be during the shoulder months of April – May and September – November.

If you are interested in whale watching, November is a great time!

Hawaii Travel Guides

Below are travel guides and itineraries to help you plan your ultimate trip to Hawaii! I have provided resources, travel tips, and more to help make your trip unforgettable!

Kauai Travel Guides

Ultimate Guide for Spending 3 Days in Kauai

Top 5 Kauai MUST-SEE Destinations

8 Tips to Know Before Going to Secret Falls in Kauai

1 Day in Kauai ( Perfect if you are traveling on a Cruise)

Kauai, Hawaii grand canyon Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Maui Travel Guides

Maui 5 Day Itinerary

A Complete Guide For Driving the Road to Hana With the Best Stops!

Packing Guide for Driving the Road to Hana

Where to Find Sea Turtles in Maui

Discovering the Haleakala Sunrise

Important Things to Know Before Experiencing the Haleakala Sunrise

The black sand beach on the Road to Hana in Maui

Hawaiian Experiences

Hawaii is rich in culture and traditions. Below are some Hawaiian experiences to have during your visit!

Attend a Luau in Maui! Maui is known to hold the best across Hawaii!

Take a Surf lesson! Hawaii is known as the birthplace of this sport!

Snorkel and scuba dive Hawaii’s pristine coral reefs! Make sure to use coral reef-safe sunscreen to help protect the ocean and its reefs!

Explore lava caves or visit an active Volcano on the Big Island!

Visit pineapple or coffee plantations!

Sea Turtle in Maui Hawaii

Where To Stay in Hawaii

During our visit, we visited Kauai and Maui. In Kauai we in Lihue (the biggest city in Kauai).

For our stay, we chose Kauai Marriott Resort in Lihue. We loved everything about this property!

In Maui, we stayed in Lahaina at the Sheraton Black Rock.

The town of Lahaina is pretty touristy, but has tons of amazing food restaurants and art galleries!

We absolutely loved the location of the Sheraton being attached to Black Rock which had tons of great snorkeling!

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