Travel Resources

Welcome to my resource page. I often get asked what camera gear I use, where to book accommodations though, how to find cheap flights, Blogging tools etc. 

Here I list all my favorite brands and travel resources I personally use for all my travel needs!

Travel Booking Tools are first and then Blogging/Camera Resources below!

The Roman Forum

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links where I may make a small commission at NO additional cost to you if you make a purchase.

My Booking Travel Resources

I have several resources I always check before booking my trips.

booking. com logo

Booking(dot)com is my first go-to for booking hotels. I find their price to be competitive and when you have an account and continue to book, they offer specials for your account.

Agoda is my go-to resource for all Asia travel booking. While in Asia, I find Agoda offers the best pricing. Their customer service is good and they have flexible cancellation policies. 

When I travel solo, I like being around other solo travelers. It is much easier to make friends and have travel buddies when you stay in a hostel. Hostel World is the best place to find hostels. 

Finding Airfare

Flights can eat into the bulk of my budget, so I try to be as savy as possible when it comes to booking airfare!

Google Flights

If I am on the fence about booking a flight, I go to Google Flights.

This lets me search and select my desired flights and track them. They will also let me know if my flight price dropped or went up.

From tracking flights, I’ve found that many flights hit their lowest point sometime between 25-35 days before the flight.

It’s not always the case of course, but just something you can keep in mind. Because you are able to track the flights,  Google flights one of my favorite travel resources.

Travel Insurance

While insurance is not the sexiest thing to talk about when you travel, it is really important.

In fact, I don’t travel without it. Mainly because I am so accident/sick prone. I’ve been to the walk-in clinic in Thailand, the hospital in Malaysia and I was so happy I had insurance to fall back on.

Insurance is one of those things you never want to use but will be so grateful to have it if it needs to be used.

Not only does it cover medical reasons, but also trip cancellations or even delays. Check out plans to cover your next trip 


Big Scoots Website Hosting: I love Big Scoots. I’d recommend Big Scoots for serious bloggers since it is a little more on the expensive side.

Bluehost Hosting: I was on Bluehost for 3 years and switched when I was around 25k sessions to my blog. I think they are great for new bloggers.

KeySearch SEO Tool: This is my go-to tool for all my SEO Research. You can even use my discount code “FINDLOVETRAVEL” for 20% off!

I have a detailed post on what is in my camera bag here!