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My Go-to Travel Resources

Welcome to my resource page. I often get asked what camera gear I use, where to book accommodations though, how to find cheap flights, etc. After traveling for a living the past 4 years, I have picked up a few things! This page is dedicated to all my favorite brands and travel resources I personally use for all my travel needs!

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My Booking Travel Resources

I have several resources I always check before booking my trips.

Booking(dot)com is my first go-to for booking hotels. I find their price to be competitive and when you have an account and continue to book, they offer specials for your account.

Hotelsdotcom is my next go-to if there is a property I want to stay at that is not available on Booking.

If you are traveling in a large group or just want the use of a full kitchen, check out Vrbo which offers vacation rentals.

For solo travelers who would like to be surrounded by others, I’d recommend checking out hostels. It is much easier to make friends and have travel buddies when you stay in a hostel. Hostel World is the best place to find hostels. Hostels are also more budget-friendly.

Finding Transportation

Flights can eat into the bulk of my budget, so I try to be as savy as possible when it comes to booking airfare!


I always start with Skyscanner. This allows me to search “everywhere” from my desired airport. This is one way I even decide where I am going. It is such a cool tool!

Google Flights

If I am on the fence about booking a flight, I go to Google Flights.

This lets me search and select my desired flights and track them. They will also let me know if my flight price dropped or went up.

From tracking flights, I’ve found that many flights hit their lowest point sometime between 25-35 days before the flight.

It’s not always the case of course, but just something you can keep in mind. Because you are able to track the flights,  Google flights are one of my favorite travel resources.

Car Rentals

For car rentals, I always check out Discover Cars. They pull in all the car rental companies in the area I am traveling to and show me the best rental companies available and prices instead of me checking out the companies one by one.

Tour Companies & Experiences

While traveling, you may want to do some tours, cooking classes, or sightseeing passes. For tours at your destination, I recommend Get Your Guide and Viator. Both have tons of tours available and even things like skip-the-line passes and cooking classes.

For big cities, including New York City and Los Angeles, I check the City Sightseeing Passes. These passes generally allow you to see many of the city’s top attractions for a discount. My go-to is The Sightseeing Pass and City Pass. Both are mainly for the USA.

Computer VPN

Having a VPS is super useful when traveling. Not only does it help protect your IP address when you are on public WIFI like a hotel, but it also allows you to choose the county you are in. So, for example, I want to use my Netflix, but only the USA version will work, I can set my VPN to the USA. I’ve used Nord VPN for years!

Opportunities for “Free” Travel

There are a couple of ways you can travel for free in exchange for work. Some of the best ways to do this are through house sitting or pet sitting. There are platforms you can sign up for to do both.

Another way to have free accommodation for traveling is through volunteering. You will find a handful of programs that offer a free stay for your help. One of the most well-known programs is through WOOF USA.

If you happen to have Jewish heritage and are under 26, you can take advantage of birthright! This is a free group trip with 10 days in Isreal and it is a ton of fun and informative. Futhermore, it gives you the opportunity to explore after your trip since you can push out your flight which is paid for by them. You can check out more information at Israel on the house.

Additionally, check out my guide to cut travel expenses so you can travel more!

Longtail boat ride in Krabi, Thailand with limestone cliffs
Krabi Thailand

Travel Insurance

While insurance is not the sexiest thing to talk about when you travel, it is really important.

In fact, I don’t travel abroad without it. Mainly because I am so accident/sick prone. I’ve been to the walk-in clinic in Thailand, the hospital in Malaysia and I was so happy I had insurance to fall back on.

Insurance is one of those things you never want to use but will be so grateful to have it if it needs to be used.

Not only does it cover medical reasons, but also trip cancellations or even delays.

Other Travel and Resource Guides

I often get asked about my travel photography gear. So, all of the photography equipment I am using can be found at what’s in my camera bag.

Find my packing lists here and the best travel apps here!

Other helpful guides include: