20 Best Travel Accessories Under $20

20 Best Travel Accessories All Under $20

Traveling in itself can be very expensive, let alone all the things you might need to bring with you! After traveling all over Europe and Southeast Asia for a little over 2 straight months we found travel products we couldn’t live without and items we wish we had and now bring on all our new travels. In this guide, here are some of the best travel accessories under $20! These traveling accessories make traveling much more enjoyable, as well as perfect gifts!

Long Tail Thailand boat in Krabi
Longtail boat in Thailand

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Travel Journal

There is just something that feels special about writing down your journeys. A travel journal is the perfect travel accessory to take with you. Especially as a blogger, it makes it easy to remember more about the trip when you write it down. Journals are also a nice gift for travelers.

Price: Approx $8.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Portable Phone Charger

We never travel without a portable charger. Mainly because we are out all day exploring and our phones always die from Google maps! These little portable chargers are a lifesaver. With this handy travel accessory, you will no longer have to search out cafes to find an outlet for your phone!

Price: Approx $17.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Wet Detangler Brush

Not only does my wet brush come with me while traveling, I actually always have it in my regular bag at all times! If you have hair like mine, it is always in huge knots, especially on flights from my head shifting back and forth on the headrest. This little baby is a total lifesaver and under $20! I even have the large Wet Brush for home – that’s how much I love it!

Price: You can get both the regular brush and travel brush for about $18.85 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are another perfect travel accessory that you can easily find under $20 bucks and an eco-friendly option which I always love promoting. There are a few different reusable straws out there including Stainless Steel, Glass, Bamboo, and Silicone. I have tried all except Bamboo, but I’ve heard good things. Believe it or not, I get the best reviews on glass straws since they have no “metal” taste.

Price: Check prices on Reusable Straws Here!

Phone Tripod

If you hate asking people to take photos for you, a photo tripod is a great option for you! It makes taking pictures so much easier while traveling and in my opinion, better than carrying around a selfie stick =)

Price: Approx $17.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Travel Hair Dryer

I’ve had this Revlon mini travel hair dryer for over 2 years and it has yet to fail me! It is super compact and it comes with the nozzle for a blowout. It has a great “blow” as my mother-in-law loves to say and it definitely gets hot enough. The best part about this travel accessory, it’s way under $20 dollars!

Price: Approx $16.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Quick-dry Towels

Another favorite travel accessory of mine is the Dock and Bay quick-dry towels. They are compact, basically sand resistant, and as the name implies, quick-drying =) They also come in lots of fun colors, and Dock and Bay look to use more sustainable practices when designing their products! I have both a blue striped and pink towel. Oh, and it also comes in a cute canvas travel bag.

Price: Approx $19.99 on Amazon. Shop Here! – Update: Dock & Bay did raise their prices a little, but I still believe they have one of the best quick-dry towels.

Luggage Scale

After a lot of practice, I have finally started packing with just a carry-on bag, but when we traveled for 2 months this was not an option. We basically had to fit our whole life into one suitcase that couldn’t go over 50lbs and in Southeast Aisa, our personal bags had a weight limit of 20 lbs.

This is where a weight scale came in! We could easily move around items before getting to the airport so we didn’t have to be those people off to the side with all of our clothes out! It might not be the most exciting travel accessory, but if you are an overpacker, it’s a necessity!

Price: Approx $10.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Packing Cubes

Want to make packing easier? Not only do packing cubes make for the perfect accessory for organization. I also feel like you can pack so much more when you use them. Any traveler you ever speak to who has tried packing cubes will tell you, they have changed their life!

Price: Approx $17.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!


Money Belt

Another great travel accessory to have under $20 dollars is a money belt. They are perfect for holding all your important things while touring around. My mother-in-law (another very seasoned traveler) doesn’t leave the house without it.

I personally use a cardholder with a key chain, but it’s above $20 and it can’t hold your passport. Does anyone want to gift this one to me?  I personally have been looking to invest in one =)

Price: Approx $17.97 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

Visiting a beachy location? I always throw a waterproof phone pouch in my bag since I love taking photos. It also works great if you are doing any types of watersports. For example, we did this really cool kayaking tour in Puerto Rico and most everyone had to leave their phones with the tour group except us =)

Price: Approx $7.79 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Shoe Bags

Keep your dirty shoes from touching your suitcase or clothes with individual reusable shoe bags. By using reusable bags, you will also help promote a more sustainable travel lifestyle.

Price: Approx $19.94 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Compression Socks

Compression socks are the perfect accessory for any traveler who is a frequent flyer. Anyone who has taken a long flight and walk off with swollen legs and feet knows exactly what I am talking about!

Price: Approx $13.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Mini Clothes Iron

In order to try and pack just a carry-on, my clothes are being rolled into the tiniest balls possible, so a mini steamer could be the perfect travel accessories to add to your packing list, but this one is just a tiny bit over $20 dollars. I still felt like I should include it on the list; I hope you don’t mind!

Price: Approx $20.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Travel Laundry Bag

Ever start your vacation and on day 2 you realize you have nowhere to put your dirty clothes or start looking for the hotel plastic bag? Laundry bags are perfect for keeping your dirty clothes separate and also reduce the use of plastic bags, thus helping the environment!

Price: Approx $4.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Passport Wallet Holder

Get into the travel spirit with a travel wallet. This wallet is a perfect accessory for any traveler and also makes a perfect gift for someone you know that loves traveling! I love that it is eco-leather-like material and a spot to hold your boarding pass, sim card credit cards, and more!

Price: Approx $13.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Luggage Tag

Another one of my favorite travel accessories to have under $20 are luggage tags. Besides the bows I tie around my bag, luggage tags help my luggage stand out. They also work well to add on as a gift for friends that travel.

Price: Approx $5.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Universal Travel Adaptor

If I am traveling out of the USA, my universal travel adaptor always comes with me! I’ve had this adaptor for over 2 years and used it in over 8 countries including the UK, Southeast Asia, and Europe, so I’ve used every part of this adaptor by now. We were able to charge our computers with it and I also loved the USB charge port section. If you spent $20 on any travel accessory, it should definitely be this one if you don’t already have one!

Price: Approx $25 (price went up from last year, but still worth it) on Amazon. Shop Here!

Life Straw

This emergency Life Straw not only great for campers but also a great accessory if you ever find yourself in an emergency and need clean water. This LifeStraw has a filter in it that is powerful enough to make water clean to drink. I personally have one for an emergency.

Price: Approx $17 on Amazon. Shop Life Straw here.

Refillable Travel Container

In efforts to reduce my plastic use, I have invested in refillable travel containers if I need to travel with liquids. In the past, I would always go to CVS and purchase a bunch of travel-sized bottles. With reusable bottles, you never have to do extra shopping for travel-sized products and you are helping reduce plastic =)

Price: Approx $12.99 on Amazon. Shop Here!

TSA Travel Locks

Does your luggage have a lock on it? If not, TSA locks are a must to keep your personal items safe. We tend to stay in a lot of Airbnb’s which don’t have safes, so while I know someone can leave with my luggage, I just feel safer knowing there is a lock on it.

Price: Approx $10.97 on Amazon. Shop Here!

Travel Accessories Under $20: Wrap-up

This covers some of the best travel accessories all under $20 dollars! Many of these travel accessories come with us every trip since they just make traveling so much easier! Any other travel accessories under $20 you think I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! For additional packing guides, click here!

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