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Hi there, and welcome to Find Love & Travel! My name is Sam Opp, and in 2018, I decided to quit my corporate job to travel the world with my husband, Alex.

I loved traveling, writing about travel, and photography so much, that I made it into my full-time job which is how this blog exists!

Currently, I am based in North Carolina with my hubby and our fur baby, Marley the Chugg ( Pug & Chihuahua mix) – although I am a New Yorker at heart.  

 When we are not traveling, you can find me typing away on this blog and sharing all my travel tips I’ve learned along the way! Oh, and I can’t forget cuddling with Marley and eating anything that has cheese!

The mission of Find Love and Travel blog is to inspire you to travel while giving you the tools to have the best experience when traveling. Whether it’s finding the best photo spots in Rome, hidden gems in Puerto Rico, putting together your Iceland Itinerary, what the best free things to do in NYC are, or teaching you how to navigate the NYC Subway; my goal is to help you travel better! 

I do NOT accept sponsored articles or hire writers to write about places I have never been to. I HAVE been to all the destinations featured on my blog with the exception of a few round-ups that have been contributed by my fellow travel blogger friends who have personally been to the destination.

YOU ARE getting my experiences, NOT a suggestion from a person who copied some info on the web. I hope you leave my site with all the information you were searching for and come back when you’re in need of new travel tips and inspiration! Want to see where else I have been featured? Check out my Press page!

If blogging is your passion, I got you! I am also sharing my tips through this crazy adventure of blogging over the past 4 years! 

Whatever brought you to my page, I am so happy you’re here, and I hope you leave inspired and ready to come back again! 

If you have questions about travel, blogging, taking a leap, quitting your job, or just want someone to talk to and share your frustrations, I’m here for you! 


Sam Opp



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