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Located on the East Coast of North America, South Carolina is a charming state you should visit once in your life! South Carolina has beautiful beaches and tons of history to enjoy. South Carolina borders North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. In this South Carolina travel guide, you will find travel itineraries, travel tips, and more for planning your South Carolina vacation.

The Pineapple Fountain in Charleston

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South Carolina Travel Guide Tips

Here is some practical information and travel tips for traveling in South Carolina including popular cities, favorite eats, and more!

South Carolina Capital: Columbia

Columbia Population: 134,057

South Carolina State Population: 5.09M

Credit Cards/ATM: Credit cards are widely accepted in South Carolina. Some of the major banks are Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Truist Financial Corp. 

Currency: Like the rest of the United States, the currency is the US Dollar. 

Airport: The popular airport to fly into South Carolina is the Charleston International Airport (CHS). This is South Carolina’s busiest and largest airport and served just under 4 million passengers in its busiest recorded year! Find flights here.

Getting Around South Carolina: The best way to travel around South Carolina is by car. Buses and taxis are also accessible in the city. Find cars here.

Popular Cities in Georgia: Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Beaufort, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach.

South Carolina Famous Dishes: Shrimp and Grits, Oyster Roasts, Pimento Cheese, Benne Wafers, Lady Baltimore Cake, Chicken Bog. Make sure you tip your waiter/waitress.

South Carolina Safety: Travel around South Carolina is generally very safe. Practice normal precautions.

Travel Insurance: Protect your South Carolina Vacation with travel/health insurance. Find plans here.

Weather in South Carolina

South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, with very hot summers throughout most of the state.

In Spring, the weather is mild and sunny. You will find clear skies, after the month of April, it is not unlikely to encounter summer-like weather. Temperatures range in the 70’s.

Summers are very hot as South Carolina is the eighth-hottest state in the United States. The temperature averages around 85 F – 90 F. 

Fall in South Carolina is an amazing time to visit. With cooler temperatures, brilliant views, and a multitude of places to hike fall is arguably the best time of year in South Carolina. Warmer clothes are recommended for the evening. 

Winter in South Carolina is generally mild, with little to no snow. January is their coldest month ranging from 26 F in the mountains to 40 F in the plains. 

South Carolina Travel Itineraries

South Carolina Travel Guide: Wrap-up

This concludes our South Carolina travel guide. I hope you have the best time visiting The Palmetto State. Have any questions or did I miss something? Let me know!

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