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Dreaming of Italy? You’re not alone! Italy is one of the top European countries to visit and for good reason. This Italy travel guide will provide you with resources and detailed travel guides on Rome, Capri, Positano, Sorrento, and more to help you plan the perfect trip to Italy.

Forum of Augustus in Rome, Italy full of Roman ruins.
Forum of Augustus near Trajan Forum

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What to Expect in Italy

Here is some practical information you can expect when traveling to Italy. 

Language: Italian is the national language. I would recommend downloading Google translate. While English is widely understood, it is always appreciated to try and speak basic Italian. You will find locals are much more welcoming!

Currency: The Euro is used in Italy.

Cards/ATM’s: Credit Cards are widely accepted and ATM’s can be found everywhere. It is always good to have a couple of Euros on you for tipping.

Tipping in Italy: Tipping is not necessary, however, it is usually appreciated. Rounding up to the nearest Euro generally is fine.

 Italy Safety: In General, Italy is relatively safe to travel for Solo Female travelers. Use regular caution and beware of pickpocketers. Never put your belongings down or carry lots of bags (making you look like an easy target).

Power outlets: Italy uses general European standards of voltage between 220 V to 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. I recommend using a universal adaptor.

Getting Around: It’s very easy to get around Italy by public transportation and on foot. I would definitely recommend a data package with your cell phone carrier for Google Maps! 

Renting a car in Italy is not usually recommended, especially on the Amalfi Coast. Parking can also be very hard to find.

The only time renting a car might be worth it is if you are driving in the country areas of Italy.

Overall since it is so easy to get around Italy by train, it’s not worth adding more worry or stress to your trip. 

Best Time To Visit Italy

While people visit Italy all year, the best time to visit is during the shoulder months. This is April- May and Sept-early November when the weather is generally nice, without so many crowds. 

During the summer months June-July, you can expect tons of tourists and very long lines. 

In August, most of Italy closes down for Holiday, so it’s best to avoid August as well.

Italy Travel Guides

Below find Italy travel guides to help you plan the perfect trip to Italy! These guides include travel hacks, what to know before visiting Italy, and more!

Getting To Italy


Italy has plenty of Major airports to fly into.  The most popular airport in Italy is Fiumicino in Rome. Other popular airports are in Venice, Milan, and Naples which all have non-stops from New York. 

Find the best flights for Italy check SkySkanner here!


Italy has tons of trains running through all the big cities. These trains are not only a great way to get into Italy from other places around Europe but also a perfect way to get around the different cities of Italy.

Fast-trains going over 200 kph are available from Italy’s national train service Trenitalia and a private but equally comparable company, Italotrento.

When booking your fast trains through Italy, it is best to book the tickets in advance to guarantee a seat. For tickets: Trenitalia Tickets hereCheck Italotreno here for tickets! 

Food and Drinks to Try in Italy

Get into the Italian spirit by trying some of these dishes and drinks below. It’s also worth trying a cooking class during your visit, especially if you’re a foodie! Check cooking classes here with Cooky!

1. Try fried Zucchini flower

2. Eat Pizza in Naples

3. Have fresh Seafood in South Italy

4. Try Truffle in North Italy

5. Taste the house wine 

6. Have a shot of Limoncello

7. Sip on Aperol Spritz

8. Indulge in gelato

9. Try Cacio e Pepe in Rome

10. Sip on espresso at a local bar

Trajan Forum
Italy Travel Guide – Explore the Trajan Forum in Rome

Finding Accommodation in Italy

You can find a wide variety of different accommodations in Italy depending on your budget. Italy offers Hostels, mid-budget, and luxury hotels along with Airbnb.

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