One Day in Evora, Portugal With A Map Walking Guide

I visited lots of beautiful cities and towns during my trip to Portugal, but Evora was definitely one of my favorites! So much so that I am putting together this one day in Evora guide to help you explore this Ancient Roman City, too! The city is very walkable, so put on your comfortable walking shoes. Oh, and it is not very hilly like most of Portugal, which you might be happy to hear.

Get ready for unique attractions, cobblestoned streets, pretty viewpoints, and some great shopping. The city is painted in white with golden yellow accents, making it picturesque at every turn.

One Day in Evora Portugal

Use this map for a walking guide through the city. You can save it by hitting the star on desktop, or open it to your Google Maps on Mobile.

Evora Quick History

The city of Évora is the capital of Portugal’s south-central Alentejo region. Noticed as a World Heritage Site, the city has been around since the Roman Era during Julius Ceasar’s time. Eventually, the city fell under Moorish rule around 715 and still prospered. Eventually, in 1834, it was in Évora that the surrender of the forces to King Miguel I happened.

Alley in Evora that is cobblestoned with white buildings and golden yellow accents

Getting Here

Getting to Evora is simple, which is why it makes it such a great day trip. Alex and I spent 10 days in Portugal, and this was a part of our day 7. You can see that full guide here.

From Lisbon by car, it will take about 1.5 hours. As long as the carnival isn’t going on, parking near the Chapel of Bones is free. Use this address: Av. Dinis Miranda 25 7005, Évora, Portugal

You can also travel by bus, which takes just under 2 hours. Lastly, you have the option to go on a guided tour, which is popular from Lisbon.

We came from Lagos (Algarve region) by car, which is just under 3 hours and ended our night in Lisbon. You can see my favorite things to do in Lagos if you plan on visiting here!

I highly recommend arriving by 9 AM – 10 AM (when the first attraction opens). This will allow you to find parking and beat some of the crowds.

Samantha standing inside a barrel like photo prop with a purple tree blooming in the back
Near the Parking

Stop 1: Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos)

One of the huge draws that made Alex and I want to visit Evora was the Chapel of Bones. I mean, maybe a little morbid, but also, how cool?! This is the oldest bone chapel in Portugal, which was built by monks in the 17th century. The chapel was dedicated to the cult of the Souls of Purgatory and then Senhor dos Passos. It is attached to the São Francisco Church.

Looking inside the Bones Chapel Evora
Close up of Bones

The Bone Chapel itself is not very large, but the way they decorated the chapel with the bones and the ceiling paintings is unique. As you walk around, you will find descriptive plaques telling you what you’re looking at, don’t worry! Oh, and the ticket covers more than just the Bone Chapel.

Evora Bone Chapel with Samantha sitting with a blue tile background

For around 6 euros, you can explore the rest of the chapel, which is decorated with beautiful tile work and gilded ceilings, the Museum Center, The Nativity Scene Collection (which has access to the roof), the Convent, and the Church. I definitely recommend climbing to the roof, which allows you to see a bird’ s-eye view of the city. It’s well worth the money and a must on any Evora itinerary!

Birds eye view from the Evora Bone Chapel
Samantha Walking into the Chapel with Cloister columns

Stop 2: Praça do Giraldo

Next, make your way to what is considered the main square in the city. Here, you will find restaurant seating lined in the middle of the square, Giraldo Square Fountain, Santo Antão Church, and shops. Enjoy the square, but press forward, as there are better shopping opportunities.

Praça do Giraldo on a sunny day with people walking

Stop 3: Rua Cinco De Outubro

Make your way down this adorable street lined with shops. We took a quick stop at A Muralha (located on your left) for a bite to eat. I found the prices really affordable and the food was good! What is great about this spot is that you can grab and go, or sit down.

Looking down Rua Cinco De Outubro with shops
Rua Cinco De Outubro with yellow and white alley

Additionally, there are tons of really good souvenir shops. Throughout our time in Portugal, I felt they had some of the best prices and nice cork pieces.

Fun Fact: Did you know Portugal is one of the top producers of cork products?

Shop on Rua Cinco De Outubro with lots of gifts hanging

Stop 4: Cathedral of Évora (Catedral de Évora)

As we continued down the street, we walked right into the Cathedral of Évora, which is a must-visit, in my humble opinion! What makes this cathedral so unique is that you can walk along the roof. The views from the top are impeccable. Oh, and the garden is really lovely, too.

Front of Evora Cathedral

To enjoy all this Catholic Cathedral has to offer, you will want to purchase your ticket for the Sé, Claustro, and Torre. For both Alex and I, it came out to 7 Euros. This cathedral is said to be the largest in all of Portugal, and began construction in 1186. We loved the mix of gothic and romanesque architecture.

Top of the Evora Cathedral with Samantha Walking in the middle with a white dress
Corner of Evora Cathedral
Garden Area in Evora Cloisters

We spent around an hour exploring cloisters and roof mainly. Keep in mind that it does require you to be able to climb some spiral stairs.

Spiral Stairs to the roof of the Evora cathedral Roof looking down at Samantha climbing

Stop 5: Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo (Optional)

I am putting this museum as optional because I didn’t personally get to check it out, however, I would have liked to. Also known as the Museum of Evora, it is the only national museum south of the Tagus. Inside, you will find ancient artworks dating back to the Romans mixed with contemporary art. I love sculptures, and it seems like they have a ton inside, so if that is something of interest, the ticket prices are under 10 euros, and it is right next to the Cathedral.

Stop 6: The Roman Temple of Evora (Templo de Diana)

Aside from the Chapel of Bones, Templo Romano Évora, also known as the Temple of Diana, is one of the coolest attractions in Evora, so you can’t miss it during your day trip! It is right next to the Cathedral and Museum, so you can’t miss it. In fact, you can actually see it from the Cathedral roof.

Evora Roman temple from the Evora Cathedral
Temple from the Evora Cathedral
Samantha in from of the Templo Romano Evora wearing a white summer dress

So, this temple is believed to be built at least 2,000 years ago and dedicated to Diana, goddess of wild animals and the hunt. Located in the Historical Centre of Evora, the Ancient Ruin has been clasified as an UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Front and close up of the Columns of the Evora Roman Temple

Stop 7: Evora Public Park (Jardim Publico de Evora)

If you park where I recommened above, you would have already passed this cute park on your way to the Bone Chapel. So, as you are making your way back, make sure to stop for a stroll.

Entrance of the Jardim Publico de Evora

Charming Alleys

Other than the above, just make sure you take some time to explore around the quaint alleys. This walled city is not terribly huge, so enjoy all the little corners. There is also a small view of an Ancient Roman bath, but it is currently under construction.

Colorful alley in evora with purple flowers hanging from wall
Shop in Evora with cork products and ceramics in the front

One Day in Evora, Portugal Wrap-up

There you have it, a great day trip to Evora! If you are planning on visiting other areas in Portugal, I have a guide on Porto, another cute town called Obidos, and travel tips to know before you go.

If you have any questions about this guide, or need addtional help or adivice, feel free to comment below!

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