Most Instagrammable Places in Puerto Rico

Most Instagrammable Places in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is full of so much beauty! With the colorful streets of Old San Juan, the Waterfalls in El Yunque, Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo, the Instagrammable places in Puerto Rico are endless! Here are some of the most photo-worthy places to visit in Puerto Rico to experience and photograph!

We were able to visit all these photo locations in Puerto Rico in just 4 days. With more time, I’d recommend taking a road trip around Puerto Rico to see all the best photo locations.

Before you go: Please be mindful that some of these photo locations can be in front of people’s homes. Please be respectful of your noise level and clean up after yourself. Do not trespass on private property or anywhere else that says do not to enter. This will ensure we can all continue to enjoy Puerto Rico’s photo-worthy treasures!

Colorful Streets in Old San Juan Puerto Rico
Instagrammable Streets in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Instagrammable Places

First, let’s look at these top 10 Instagrammable places in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. All 10 photography spots are within walking distance since Old San Juan is very walkable. 

The Black Puerto Rican Flag and Mural 

This Puerto Rican Flag Mural can be found on an old abandoned building and one of the top Instagramable places in Old San Juan and all of Puerto Rico!

The flag was painted black to show Puerto Rico is standing up to the fight and taking action upon the collapse of the educational system, healthcare workforce, and more! Down this block, you will also find tons of picturesque streets.

Address: Found on Calle De San Jose between Calle De Sol and Calle De Sebastian.

Black Painted Puerto Rican Door Mural in Old San Juan
Black Painted Puerto Rican Door Mural in Old San Juan

Fortaleza Street

This is the famous Instagramable street in Puerto Rico that had all the umbrellas, however, they were taken down during protests during our 4 days in Puerto Rico.

Umbrellas or not, the street is still one of Puerto Rico’s most Instagrammable places nonetheless. The decorations are back up now. The umbrellas are hung right in front of La Fortaleza (the Fortress).

Update: I believe there is now a giant Puerto Rico Flag hanging down the street! They have been changing the decoration often to keep it fresh.

Address: 63 C. Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Fortaleza Street Old San Juan
Fortaleza Street Old San Juan where umbrellas used to be hung

Caleta de las Monjas

Caleta de las Monjas is another really cute street that leads right to the water! Nearby you will also be close to Save a Gato, where they take care of Old San Juan’s stray cats. You will likely see a ton of kitties hanging out around this area.

Photo-worthy Caleta de as Monjas Puerto Rico
Caleta de as Monjas Puerto Rico

Plazuela La Rogativa

This scenic viewpoint gives you a 180-degree look of San Juan. In the view, you will see the crystal blue ocean, the Fortress, El Yunque, and a very interesting sculpture from 1971. It’s easily one of the underrated Instagrammable places in Puerto Rico that also offers an amazing place to watch the sunset!

Address: Caleta de las Monjas, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Plazuela La Rogativa photo-worthy view point in Puerto Rico
Plazuela La Rogativa Viewpoint

Street of Calle de la Luna Cross Section Calle De San Jose 

Another really photo-worthy colorful street found in Old San Juan is Calle de la Luna Street. We were lucky to just stumble upon this street. I really like how you can see the contrast between the old and new Old San Juan!

If you love Instagrammable places, the Discover Puerto Rico Instagram page features the below photo!

Street of Calle de la Luna & Calle De San Jose in Old San Juan

Plaza Del Quinto Centenario 

A charming little plaza that was built in honor of Columbus’ first voyage. You will find a tall clay monument and a splash area (which comes in handy from the high humidity!) This plaza is also close to El Morro Fort!

Address: Calle del Cristo, San Juan, 00926, Puerto Rico

Plaza Del Quinto Centenario

Castillo San Felipe del Morro El Morro Fort

El Morro is one of the two forts that was used to protect Old San Juan from Pirates and other intruders! El Morro Fort, which is a historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, has huge with a giant grass lawn, iguanas, and tons of viewpoints of the Caribbean sea.

Not only is it one of the best Instagrammable spots, but El Morro Fort is also a must-see in general when visiting Puerto Rico! It is easily one of the best things to do in Old San Juan!

Additionally, you will be able to get a great view of The Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery, which is known as the most beautiful cemetery in Puerto Rico.

Address: 501 Calle Norzagaray, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

El Morro Fort Old San Juan Puerto Rico
View from El Morro Fort in Old San Juan

Caficultura Side Street

Right by the restaurant Caficultura, find a really pretty street of colorful homes! I visited this street twice and found it almost empty both times! Caficultura restaurant also happens to have a great brunch!

Address: San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Colorful streets in Old San Juan Puerto Rico
Colorful street in Old San Juan by Caficultura

Hotel El Convento

Hotel El Convento is known as one of the most Instagrammable hotels in Old San Juan. The surrounding areas are really cute, with pastels and an alley full of plants right to the side of the hotel.

Address: 100 Calle del Cristo, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Callejon de la Puerta Bandera Painted Puerto Rican Flag Door

We didn’t get a chance to see this one in person, but it’s another great Instagrammable place in Old San Juan. Here, you will find a big painted door with a Puerto Rican flag. There are also tons of really cute alleys surrounding this area.

Address: Calle Imperial, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Instagrammable places in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

Not only is the El Yunque National Forest one of the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico, but this forest is also the only tropical rainforest in the United States! You will find tons of lush jungle views with mountains lining the horizon.

Here are the top photo-worthy spots during your visit to El Yunque, Puerto Rico!

Yokahu Tower El Yunque Puerto Rico
Yokahu Tower El Yunque in El Yunque, PR

Juan Diego Creek

I would start off early at Juan Diego Creek, which is a cute little waterfall with a swimmable natural pool. Parking is limited here, with a time limit of 30 minutes (although I am not sure how heavily it is enforced).

El Yunque Waterfall at Juan Diego Creek

Angelito Trail

Angelito Trail can be found before going through the El Yunque gate entrance. There are a ton of really cool rocks and a refreshing stream. It’s the perfect spot to hang out in El Yunque, and the area just screams photograph me!

angelitos trail is another instagrammable place in puerto rico

La Coca Falls

Another waterfall right by the gate entrance of El Yunque is La Coca Falls. We could pretty easily climb through the rocks, but use caution as everything is slippery! You will want a lens that has some zoom here. To learn how to get tickets to El Yunque here.

La Coca Falls in El Yunque Puerto Rico
La Coca Falls in El Yunque Puerto Rico

Instagrammable Places in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Located on the West Coast of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo is notable for its pink salt flats, desert-like landscape, and overall country vibe.

Salinas de Cabo Rojo – Pink Salt Lakes

These Pink Salt flats were one of our favorite places to photograph in Puerto Rico! The salt flats are pretty vast and make for one of the best Instagramable places within Puerto Rico. Try getting to the salt flats by mid-day when the sun is highest in the sky, giving the water a pinker color.

When visiting, please make sure to not touch the water or salt mounds, which can negatively affect the environment! This area is a sanctuary for a lot of wildlife, so it is important to be respectful.

Address: PR-301, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo 00622, Puerto Rico

Pink Salt flats in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo

Faro Los Morrillos is another photo-worthy area within Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, and is situated right on the water. You can see a lovely 18th-century lighthouse and beautiful secluded beaches. The overall views are beautiful here!

Address: PR-301 Boquerón, Cabo Rojo 00622 Puerto Rico

Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico
Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Instagrammable Places in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce is also filled with beautiful architecture and vibrant colors. One of my favorite places to photograph is the Villaronga House, restored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture!

Additionally, there are a lot of colorful streets and a very unique fire station called Parque de Bombas which is located in the center of Ponce. They even have tours to walk through the station. You will be sure to find tons of cute corners to photograph throughout the city!

Address: 106 Calle Reina Isabel, Ponce, 00730, Puerto Rico

Villaronga House Ponce Puerto Rico
Villaronga House Ponce Puerto Rico
Parque de Bombas Fire house in Ponce
Parque de Bombas – Fire house in Ponce

Cueva Ventana

Another really cool place to visit and take photos in Puerto Rico is Cueva Ventana. This is a limestone cliff located in the town of Arecibo. Get an Instagram-worthy view at the window-shaped outcrop that offers a panorama of the valleys.

Puerto Rico Photo-Worthy Beaches

Last but not least are Puerto Rico beaches! As you can imagine, all of Puerto Rico’s beaches are very photo-worthy, but I am listing some of my favorites. These photo-worthy Puerto Rico beaches include Isla Verde in Carolina, Wishing Wells in Aguadilla (a hidden gem), Sandy Beach (Rincon), Crash Boat Beach (Rincon), and Flamenco Beach (Culebra Island).

Besides these beaches being very Instagrammable, each one of these towns has lots to do around the area.

Gozalandia Falls

Located in San Sebastián, Cascada Gozalandia is a really popular waterfall to visit in Puerto Rico. This photo-worthy requires a short hike of .6 miles, which lets out to a swimming hole and around a 50 ft fall.

Gozalandia Waterfall Puerto Rico

Utuado Puerto Rican Flag Mural

If you love murals, you might also want to consider stopping by the Utuado Puerto Rican Flag mural!

 Instagrammable Places in Puerto Rico Wrap-up

This wraps up some of the top Instagrammable places in Puerto Rico! I hope you have tons of new fun photoshoots on your list when visiting Puerto Rico, and please remember to be respectful of these places.

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Puerto Rico Photo-worthy highlight.

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Instagrammable Places in Puerto Rico
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