Travel Outfits For Great Photos

Great Travel Outfits for Beautiful Photos

As a travel blogger and content creator, I am forever snapping photos while traveling. On Instagram, I always get questions about where I get my travel outfits. Therefore, I’ve decided to give you a list of some of my favorite travel outfits all in one place that I pack on vacation! 

Not only do these travel outfits help me create beautiful and dreamy Instagram photos, but they also help (in my opinion) to make posing for travel photos easier. 

View Of Linn Cove Viaduct and woman wearing long red skirt travel outfit during fall
View Of Linn Cove Viaduct in the distance on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Skirt Travel Outfits

I am known to have a skirt in my bag. Seriously. I find that long flowy skirts are my travel outfit jam. What I especially love about long flowy skirts is, I can wear my normal travel clothes (leggings, t-shirt, etc), and then just put the skirt on right over my pants for a quick little photoshoot.

You have likely seen me doing this in an Instagram Reel.

If you find yourself having trouble posing for photos, skirts can also make it easier to take photos by just spinning or flinging the fabric in the air. 

I generally get all my skirts from Chicwhish. They offer tons of long-flowing skirts that have become a staple to my travel outfits wardrobe.

My favorites are their Timeless Favorite Chiffon Maxi (I have them in red and pink and a size Small). These skirts have a zipper in the back and have more weight to them, which makes them flow better, in my opinion. 

I also have a handful of their multicolor chiffon skirts (size M-L). The ones with the elastic waistband are lighter, giving them a light flow. They also have tons of other cute clothes that make great travel outfits, especially for fall.

Posing in front of the Winged Mooresville Mural in Mooresville, NC wearing long flowy yellow maxi skirt and white tank top travel outfit
Chicwish Multicolor
Outer Banks at Jockeys Ridge in the Outer Banks. Woman in long red skirt dancing at the sand dunes.
Chicwish Timeless

Dress Travel Outfits

My second favorite go-to travel outfit for great photos is a dress. I mean, who doesn’t love a good vacation dress? Some of my favorite dresses come from Lulus. They have such a wide selection to choose from to complement all body types. 

Some of my favorite dresses from Lulus include this maxi wrap dress and this eyelet lace ruffled mini dress.

Sam Opp Lavender Fields in Chapel Hill NC wearing white top and maxi skirt travel outfit
Chapel hill NC wearing travel outfit lulus maxi dress
Lulu Maxi Dres

Sweaters and Pants

Thinking about cute travel outfits for fall and winter photos? I tend to go with Levi’s jeans because they fit me best.

I find a lot of my sweaters at H &M, Forever 21, Amazon, and lately Shein. Here are some of my favorites from my Instagram. 

I am also really digging this Sherpa Columbia Jacket.

Umstead state park is one of the best free things to do in Raleigh
 Boone, NC in the snow. Woman in winter travel outfit with white fleece, jeans, and brown winter boots

Travel Shoes

For shoes, I am just going to be linking the shoes I generally pack with me for traveling in all seasons. Many times if I am wearing a skirt, there is a good chance I have boots, etc, underneath that the skirt covers. 

For winter destinations, I always have my Ugg snow boots. (pictured above)

More often than not, I am wearing Birkenstock Sandals in the summer. I can walk days in these. 

My hiking boots are Salomon. I have more narrow feet and I find these fit me really well. 

Travel Hats and Accessories

Who knew a hat could make all the difference in your travel outfit? While I don’t think hats always look great on me because I have a small head, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a floppy hat. For fall, I love a felt fedora hat. 

I also love beanies, including Carhartt, and anything with a poof ball. 

Walking through the Fields at the Lavender Oak Farm in Chapel Hill, NC. Wearing oversized sun hat and white dress.
Photo-worthy I Believe in Raleigh Mural with woman standing in front wearing white pants, sweater and beanie. Murals is blue with orange and white letters.

Travel Outfits: Wrap-up

This covers some of my favorite outfits to create my Instagram photos.

If you see any outfits on @findlovetravel that weren’t mentioned, shoot me a DM and I will try and find you a link. I don’t shop too too often, so if one of the above is out of stock, I will do my best to find you an alternative!  

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Instagrammable travel outfits to pack for vacation
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  1. My family visited Italy in October ‘22. In preparation for the trip, I read several of your blog posts. Our absolute favorite meal was in Positano at La Sponda – Sirineuse which we wouldn’t have known about if we hadn’t found your blog. Highly recommend this spot! We can’t thank you enough for your work. You’re excellent at your job!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment Marsea! I am so glad you have an incredible time – and comments like this mean so much to me!


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