Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

What to Pack For Puerto Rico- Don't Forget These Items

Light shirts and tanks

Puerto Rico is a tropical destination with a very humidity. So make sure to pack light shirts to your Puerto Rico packing list.

Bathing Suit

It should come as no surprise that you should pack a couple of bathing suits with you to Puerto Rico. The Caribbean water is amazing.

Bathing Suit Cover-up

For the ladies, don't forget to pack a bathing suit cover. It makes a great beach vacation accessory.

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Another important thing you will want to pack for Puerto Rico is bug spray and sunscreen. As a tropical destination, this is a must.


Shorts are perfect for beach vacations because it easy to throw them on over your bathing suit when exploring.

Waterproof Sandals

You should also pack waterproof sandals to Puerto Rico since you will surely be enjoying the water.

Skirts or Dresses

To avoid getting too hot, but covering up from the sun a little, I recommend packing some cute longer skirts or dresses to Puerto Rico.

Compression Travel Bags

No matter where you are traveling, I always recommend these compression bags because they make packing so easy.

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