Author: Samantha Oppenheimer

Why You Should Visit Evora, Portugal


The ancient city of Evora is located under 2 hours by car and public transportation, making it a great day trip.

Evora Roman Temple

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once ruled by the Romans and Moors. You can see a Roman Ruin when visiting.

Bone Chapel

Another really unique thing about Evora is that it has the oldest Bone Chapel! You can see real bones.

Evora Cathedral

One of the largest and oldest Cathedrals in Portugal, you must visit for the incredible views from the roof.


Evora has some of the most charming Alleys to explore down! You will find white washed buildings with gold accents everywhere.

Less Crowds

While still popular, Evora is way less touristy then other cities in Portugal, making it a great place to get "off-the-beaten-path."

Good Shopping

You can also enjoy some nice shopping in Evora with good price points - especially down Rua Cinco De Outubro.

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