Ultimate Egypt Itinerary 7 Days & 10 (Plus Travel Tips)

How to Spend 7 Days in Egypt (Plus a Sample 10 Days in Egypt)

If you are anything like me, Egypt has been on your bucket list since you first learned about the Ancient Egyptians in school. Egypt is officially one of the coolest places I have ever traveled to! After spending months researching and planning this Egypt itinerary, I am thrilled to share it with you! In this 7 days in Egypt itinerary, I break down the best things to see and so much more.

I am also including an additional 3 days if you decide you want to extend your Egypt Itinerary out to 10 days and what to do with fewer days. So really, it is two Egypt itineraries in one.

You will explore all the main attractions, along with cool underrated places throughout the 7 days of this Egypt itinerary. I’ve also included tons of travel tips, food recommendations, where to stay, and more, within this 7 day Egypt itinerary.

There are a lot of details and information in this guide with the goal of making this your one-stop shop Egypt itinerary – you might want to bookmark this page!

The Red Pyramid
The Red Pyramid – The First True Pyramid

Make sure to read these 30+ Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting Egypt – which provides additional information you should know for your Egypt itinerary!

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Is 7 Days in Egypt Enough 

You may be wondering if 7 days in Egypt is enough for a proper itinerary. Yes, 7 days in Egypt is enough time to see Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor, along with many of the most important Ancient Egyptian historical sites. However, 7 days is also the minimum amount of time I would recommend visiting Egypt. 

If you extend your Egypt itinerary to 10 days, you will be able to add time at the Red Sea or Alexandria. With 2 weeks in Egypt, you could add Swia Oasis, the White Desert, or even Mt. Sanai to your itinerary. 

In my option, Egypt is one of those places you will want to go back and see more, so if you can’t do it all, don’t worry! 

I wouldn’t recommend 5 Days in Egypt, but if that were all you can really squeeze into your Egypt itinerary, I would split the time between Cairo and Luxor. You can use this Egypt itinerary and do the 2 full days in Cairo and the 2 full days in Luxor with 1 travel day.

Anything under 5 days on your Egypt itinerary will only leave you with a quick layover in Cairo. If you find yourself with a layover in Cairo, I would just visit the Pyramids of Giza.

Again, I think 7 days in Egypt gives you the perfect amount of time to see Ancient Egypt, with 10 days giving you extra relaxation time at the beach. Therefore, I included how to spend 10 days in Egypt at the end, just because it was our original Egypt itinerary plan. 

Egypt Travel Itinerary 7 Days Sphinx

Overview of Egypt Itinerary for 7 Days

Before going into all the details on how you will spend each day during this 7-day Egypt itinerary, I want to give you a quick overview of how many days you will spend in each city. 

  • Day 1: Arrive in Cairo early morning and start exploring. If your flight arrives at night, do not count it as a day. 
  • Day 2: Explore more of Cairo
  • Day 3: Early flight to Aswan
  • Day 4: Aswan Abu Simbel
  • Day 5: Drive from Aswan to Luxor with Temples on the way
  • Day 6: Luxor
  • Day 7: Luxor
  • Day 8: Fly home
  • Optional 3 days spent at the Red Sea at Hurghada or Sharm El Sheik for a full 10 days in Egypt. 
Philae Temple Hieroglyphs
Philae Temple

Who is This Egypt Itinerary For

Before you get too far into this one week Egypt itinerary, let’s make sure it is for you! This Egypt itinerary is designed for someone who is very interested in seeing Ancient Egyptian sites, wants to optimize their time in Egypt, and does not mind skipping Nile River Cruises. 

Yes, we skipped a Nile River Cruise. We still took boat rides down the Nile, but didn’t have to worry about being limited at each site or having to share our Egypt experience with a large group.

In my opinion, the Nile Cruise gives you way less flexibility, and you are bound to that group of people. This was our main reason for opting out of it. However, you can still use this Egypt itinerary with a Nile option below.

Philae Complex in Aswan Egypt
Philae Complex

How to Use This Egypt Itinerary

Now that you have an overview of this Egypt itinerary, let’s discuss how to use it briefly. We hired a private driver for all our transportation, as well as a personal Egyptologist guide to give us information at each site. 

Do you need a guide in Egypt? Technically, no. However, I highly recommend at least hiring someone for transportation with only 7 days in Egypt.

This will be the most optimal way to visit the most important sites in Egypt. It also helps you avoid getting scammed by cab drivers.

We had our transportation and guide organized through George Marsa Alam & Luxor Transportation. We booked our own flights and hotels. If you do use George, ask for Waheed as a guide – he is excellent.

If you don’t want to use a guide, I will still add some transportation options from each place, in case you want to make this Egypt itinerary a very DIY.

Below, I am also including a map so you can see how we will be exploring Egypt. I happen to be more visual myself! 

Egypt Itinerary tip: You may see both EGP and LE. Both stand for Egyptian Pounds currency.

Egypt itinerary Map

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days & 10 Days 

Egypt Itinerary Day 1 of 7 Days: Explore Cairo’s Ancient Sites

Almost every Egypt vacation starts in Cario since Cairo International Airport has the most direct flights. It is a great starting point, especially for first-timers who want to start off their trip learning about Ancient Egypt. FYI, I use Skyscanner to find the best flights! 

Egypt Travel Tip: When you arrive at Cairo Airport, you will need exactly $25 USD or $25 Euros for your Visa on arrival. There may be additional requirements depending on your country’s passport. 

So, on day 1 of this Egypt itinerary, the main attractions you will see are: 

  • The Giza Pyramids
  • Saqqara Necropolis
  • Dahshur

Depending on when you arrive in Cairo, you might want to switch day 1 and day 2 of this Egypt itinerary. Day one is with the Pyramids, so you will want to start the day around 8 AM. Whichever day you can do the earliest wakeup, make it the Pyramids Day. Swapping the 2 days will not mess up this Egypt itinerary at all!

If you don’t hire a driver, you can use Uber in Cairo. You will need cell service. We used Holafly E-sim for both an Andriod and iPhone and had great service.

The Panoramic View of Giza Pyramids
The Panoramic View of Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramid Complex

Known as one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Giza Pyramid Complex is the best way to kick off your Egypt itinerary. 

You will want to arrive at the Giza Complex right when they open. This is usually at 8 AM. Sometimes Egypt is a little weird with the time attractions open and close, so you can always double-check with your hotel or guide before heading over.

I suggest entering from the Northern entrance by the Marriott Mena House Hotel. You can plan on spending around 2 or 3 hours at the Giza Pyramids.

This entrance will start you off right at the main attraction, The Great Pyramid of Giza, by Pharaoh Khufu. This is the largest Pyramid in Egypt, standing at 481 ft tall and over 4,600 years old. 

You will also see the 2nd Pyramid built for Khafre, the Great Sphinx, the Valley Temple of Khafre, and the 3rd Pyramid for Menkaure.

If you didn’t have breakfast at your hotel, you could make a reservation at the 9 Pyramids Lounge, which is inside the Giza Plateau. This is one of the best breakfast views you will have! Or if you already ate breakfast, you can also have lunch here. 

Another place I can recommend for lunch is Abou Shakra for a traditional Egyptian meal. This is right outside of the Sphinx. Next door is Pizza Hut, with the famous roof view.

If not, most Egypt hotels are incredible with their hospitality. They know tourists will be exploring early, so they will have takeaway breakfast for you! 

See more tips and details on how to visit the Giza Pyramids of Egypt here

Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza Egypt

Saqqara Necropolis (Sakkara)

Next, head to the Saqqara Necropolis, where you will find the oldest stone structure in the world. There are several monuments here, but the show-stopper is the Pyramid of Djoser, also known as the Step Pyramid.

They are always finding new discoveries at Saqqara, which makes this area so cool to visit. While here, you can explore the grounds of the Saqqara Pyramid (sometimes even go inside), go inside Nobles Tombs, adventure in King Teti’s Pyramid (highly recommend), and visit the Serapeum of Saqqara. 

If you do all the above, you can expect to spend about 2 hours at Saqqara. If you only explore around the Step Pyramid, you can expect to spend around 1 hour with a guide – less without a guide since they take some time explaining the history behind the monuments.

The Step Pyramid
The Step Pyramid
Inside Tomb of Kagemni
Inside Tomb of Kagemni
Saqarra Egypt

Dahshur World Heritage Site

Next, you will drive about 30 minutes to the Dahshur World Heritage Site. This is a really unique place to visit for Ancient Egyptian history because you get to see both the first attempt at a “true” pyramid and the first ever true Pyramid. 

The first to be built is known as the Bent Pyramid. It was built for Pharaoh Sneferu. Construction was stopped on it due to the shape. It is believed they thought the Pyramid would not hold.

Therefore, they started work on the Red Pyramid for Pharaoh Sneferu’s tomb. The Red Pyramid is officially known as the first “True” smooth-sided Pyramid. 

Currently, you can go inside both Pyramids, but this changes from time to time. Since it was a steep climb, we didn’t do it. 

The Bent Pyramid is a must with 2 days in Cairo
The Bent Pyramid
The Red Pyramid
The Red Pyramid

Memphis (Optional)

In order to get back to Cairo, you will pass by Memphis, which was the capital of Ancient Egypt. Many itineraries recommend a visit, however, I didn’t find it feasible to visit in the given amount of time. 

Memphis is basically a giant open museum with statues and some other artifacts from Ancient Egyptian times. If you do find yourself with extra time in the day, feel free to add Memphis to your visit!

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days: Day 2 Explore Old Cairo

If you land in Egypt early in the morning (before 11 AM), then you should actually do this on your first day. I hope this is not too confusing for you. The reason behind this is because you want to get to the Pyramids right when they open. 

If you land later and need to count it as a day in Cairo, I would make sure to, at the very least, see the Egyptian museum.

With that being said, some of the main attractions you will cover on your day 2 in Egypt itinerary in:

  • Old Cairo 
  • Cairo Citadel
  • The Hanging Church
  • The Egyptian Museum 

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Cairo Citadel Views of Cairo
Views from the Cairo Citadel

Salah El-Din Citadel (Cairo Citadel)

On day 2 in Cairo, Egypt, let’s start the day at the Salah El-Din Citadel, which is also known as the Cairo Citadel. From the Cairo Citadel, you will see lovely views looking overlooking Cairo. 

Additionally, you can check out the Military museums, and explore the impressive Mosque of Muhammad Ali (alabaster mosque), and the Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun Mosque.

These Egyptian landmarks date back to the 14th century, therefore, there is quite a bit of history to learn. You can expect to spend around 1 to 2 hours visiting the Cairo Citadel grounds.

Cairo Mosque

Check out The Hanging Church 

From the Cairo Citadel, head into Old Cairo to visit the Hanging Church. Before Egypt became a Muslim state, it was actually a Coptic Christan state. There is still about 10% of people who are Coptic Christians in Egypt. 

The Hanging Church was built around the 3rd Century and is one of the most famous in Cairo. It is called the Hanging Church because it was built above the Babylon Fortress. Some even call it the Stair Church. This Church has brilliant mosaics and reliefs.

The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo
The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo

Visit the Basement of St Sergius and St Bacchus Church

Another incredibly famous church in Egypt is the St Sergius and St Bacchus Church. This is because it is believed that Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus spent time in the Crypt, which you can walk down and see. This Church also has a lot of reliefs that adorn the walls.

St Sergius and St Bacchus Church
St Sergius and St Bacchus Church Crypt Entrance

Lunch at the Famous Abou Tarek

Next, grab lunch at Abou Tarek, which is a famous restaurant in Egypt. Here you can enjoy Egypt’s National Dish, Koshari. It is a mix of pasta, chickpeas, lentil, tomato sauce, spices, and fried onions. It is very good, and the portions are huge!

Abou Tarek Koshari
Abou Tarek Koshari

Explore The Egyptian Museum

From Abou Tarek, you can actually walk over to the Egyptian Museum. This is a must-visit with 7 days in Egypt! 

The Egyptian Museum is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East. They also have the largest collections of Ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world.

During your visit, you will see ancient papyrus scrolls, precious metals, the King Tutankhamun collection, mummies, a silver sarcophagus, dozens of statues, figurines, and more!

You can easily spend a whole day just exploring the Egyptian Museum, but 1.5 – 2 hours should give you a good feel of the museum.

Update: The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) has partially opened. Once fully open, it will become the largest collection of ancient artifacts in the world!

Egyptian Museum

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar

Khan el Khalili Bazaar is known as one of the most famous bazaars in all of Egypt. Besides being a very photogenic Bazaar, during a visit, you will find all types of traditional souvenirs, shops, and spices. 

If you do plan to buy something, make sure you have your bargaining shoes on! 

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo Egypt
merrydolla/ Depositphotos

Other Cairo Options

While the above are some of the top things to do with 7 days in your Egypt itinerary, some other Cairo activities you might have time for include the Cairo Tower, Al-Azhar Mosque, and The Cave Church. 

Additionally, you might want to add a night cruise on the Nile River! 

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Where to Stay in Cairo

If you want to be able to wake up and see the Pyramids, you will want to stay in Giza. We stayed in Giza. However, Giza is not the “nicest” area, so you are really staying for the view unless you stay at the Marriott Mena House Resort.

If you want to have a more luxurious hotel, you will want to stay around Old Cairo. Below are my options! 

The Guardian Guest House:  We stayed here and the staff was extremely friendly.  We also could not complain about our view, but the room itself is very basic, no-frills kind of place. 

Marriott Mena House, Cairo: The most luxurious experience with the Pyramids in sight will be here.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza: If you rather be in Cairo, the Four Seasons Hotel never disappoints, and it is located right on the Nile River!

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo:  The Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo is located right by the Egyptian Museum and has really good reviews.

View from the Guardian Guest House Rooftop Deck
View from the Guardian Guest House Rooftop Deck

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days: Day 3 Fly to Aswan and Explore

Either you take a really late flight to Aswan on your day 2 in Egypt, or take an early flight to Aswan on day 3 in Egypt. We personally did an early flight to Aswan on day 3. We arrived at the Aswan Airport around 8 AM.

Technically, you can take an overnight train to Aswan, but it would take around 13 hours to get here. From the reviews and what other travelers have told me, I would not recommend it. However, it is a more budgeted option. There is also the option of using GoBus, which I hear people tend to like more.

Today some of the top attractions you will explore include:

  • The High Dam
  • Philae Temple
  • The Unfinished Obelisk 
  • Ride on the Nile to visit a Nubian Village

Uber is not available in Aswan. The best way to get around will be by hiring a private car transfer. You can also use taxis, but you will have to haggle a lot.

Egypt Map for Aswan
Aswan Landmarks Map

Check Out The High Dam

First on your Aswan bucket list will be the High Dam. The High Dam is extremely important to Egypt because this is what controls the Nile River from flooding. During the construction, they actually removed all the Nile Crocodiles, however, there may be one or two that found their way back! 

Keep your time brief here because our next stop is a highlight in Aswan!

High Dam in Aswan Egypt

Philae Complex (The Great Temple of Isis)

Next, head to the Philae Complex, which happens to be an island, so you will have to go by boat. There is a dock with tons of boats waiting to take you. This will be the first of many temples you will visit with tons of hieroglyphics!  

The unique thing about this temple is that it was completely moved, block by block, and reconstructed because its original location was flooding. The Temple of Isis was built around 280 BCE in the Greco-Roman Period.

Throughout the history of different rulers, this temple continued to get additions, and you will be able to see the mixture of Ancient Heiroglpics and Roman writing and religious crosses.

One of my favorite aspects of this temple is actually the adorable cats. During our visit, there were 3 kittens who stole the show! 

You will want to try and get here early because the crowds really start coming in by 10:30 AM. It is not a big deal if you arrive later, you will just be surrounded by a lot of other people.

Admission: 200 EGP

Philae Temple in Aswan
Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt itinerary 7 days

The Unfinished Obelisk

Did you know Aswan was known for its quarries? Ancient Egyptians sourced a lot of their precious stones to build the ruins we see today from Aswan.

The Unfinished Obelisk is known as the largest ancient Obelisk and was made for Queen Hatshepsut. Unfortunately, the granite cracked, and the craved stone was left still partly attached. 

If I am being honest, it doesn’t look too spectacular but keep in mind it was never finished. Ancient Egyptians carved from these stones, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Admission: 80 EGP

Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan Quarry

Lunch and Check-in

I imagine you have worked up an appetite. This is a great time to grab some food and check into your hotel. You may even want to change your clothes because we left the airport and got right into exploring! 

More about recommended hotels is below! 

Typical Egyptian meal of salad, pita and falafel
Typical Egyptian meal of salad, pita, beans, and falafel

Felucca Boat to a Nubian Village

When the Egyptian government built the dam, they had the indigenous Nubian people move to new villages. Sticking with a lot of their traditions, their life looks different from that of an Egyptian today. 

Taking a felucca ride down the Nile to visit their village and learn about their people is a unique way to experience other cultures in Egypt. It has become quite popular among tourists. You will also get to enjoy the sunset on the boat as you return! 

Nubian Village home with tea offering
Inside a Nubian Home

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days: Day 4 Day trip to Abu Simbel Temple

Today you will be exploring one of the coolest monuments in Egypt. In fact, the day trip to Abu Simbel is many people’s favorite place to visit! During our visit, I asked my guide, “when are there fewer crowds?” He replied, “in the afternoon, once the tour buses leave.”

So instead of waking up at 3 – 5 AM like most Egypt tour groups, we arrived at Abu Simbel around 10:30 AM and had both Ramesses II and his wife, Nefertari, tombs all to ourselves for about 30 minutes until crowds started to pick up again. 

It takes about 3 hours to arrive from the city of Aswan, which lies on the border of Sudan. It is such a unique site, and people usually come in groups. So, if you stick around for a little, you will find likely find a break in the crowds. 

Believe it or not, both temples would have been underwater if they were not relocated. The temples were taken apart piece by piece and put back together. Towards the exit, they have a small museum showing the construction process. 

Plan to spend at least an hour at Abu Simbel. You can grab lunch here as well, or if you have a guide, have them take you somewhere local!

Admission: 260 EGP

Egypt Itinerary - 7 Days in Egypt - 10 Days in Egypt
Abu Simbel Temple
Both Abu Simbel Temples Egypt Itinerary

Where to Stay in Aswan, Egypt

Aswan has a handful of hotels to choose from. Aswan is slightly more limited compared to the other cities we cover in this 7-day itinerary. Below are some of the best hotels I’d recommend staying at for your Egypt itinerary. 

Mövenpick Resort Aswan: Located on Elephantine Island, you will be surrounded by the Nile River. We stayed here and loved the resort. The rooms were lovely, with a balcony overlooking the Nile. The breakfast food selection was great, and getting there was very easy. They have a dedicated boat that brings you to and from the Resort. The boat ride is no longer than 5 minutes. Check rates here.

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract: This is another popular hotel in Aswan. We even considered staying here, but they were sold out. They have great reviews, and the resort-style is unique looking. It is located in the Nubian Desert just across from Elephantine Island. Check rates here.

Citymax Hotel Aswan: If you are more on a budget, you may consider Citymax Hotel. Overall it has good reviews at a great price point. They have a pool and include breakfast. Check rates.

Movenpick hotel in Aswan Egypt from the ferry boat

Egypt Itinerary Day 5 of 7 Days in Egypt: Roadtrip from Aswan to Luxor

This is a long car day, but you will be exploring 3 incredible temples that make up for it! Plus, you can always nap in the car, I know I did! So, on day 5 of your Egypt itinerary, we will explore Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple, and Esna Temple. 

What’s great about visiting these temples from Aswan (Upper Egypt) to Luxor (Lower Egypt) is that usually, tour groups on Nile Cruises are doing it in the opposite direction, meaning that you may have all 3 temples to yourself! 

Egypt Travel Tip: Southern Egypt is known as Upper Egypt, and Northern Egypt is Lower Egypt. This is because the Nile River runs South to North. 

Edfu Temple hieroglyphs
Edfu Temple hieroglyphs

Kom Ombo Temple

The first stop on your day 5 is the stunning Kom Ombo Temple. This huge temple was built at a time of wealth in Egypt, which is shown through the details and hieroglyphics at Kom Ombo. One of the coolest scenes we were shown was a medical scene showing many tools, most of which we still use today. 

Kom Ombo was built during the Ptolemaic dynasty (180–47 BC) and is dedicated to several gods, including crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world with Hathor and Khonsu, and the falcon god Haroeris (Horus the Elder) to name a few.

After exploring this incredibly detailed temple, don’t forget to go down and visit the Crocodile Museums, where you can see dozens of mummified crocodiles. It is quite unique!

Admission: 160 EGP

Kom Ombo Temple - Egypt Travel tips to make sure not to photograph any gaurds
Kom Ombo Temple Egypt itinerary 7 days

The Temple of Horus at Edfu

Next, you will visit the impressive Temple of Horus in Edfu. While driving through this town, you will be brought down dirt roads, see meat shops out in the open, etc. It gives you an idea of how the locals live. 

What is great about coming by car is that you can drive right up to the temple, which is not possible if you come by Nile Cruise. They only allow cruisers to come by horse carriage, which according to our guide, can be dangerous. This is because they are racing back and forth to pick up as many people as possible for tips. 

Dedicated to Horus, the Falcon God, this temple is known as one of the best-preserved temples. It was also built during the Ptolemaic Kingdom, which you will notice from the design.

Here you will be able to walk into different rooms, many of which have some color. I also loved walking along the inside wall at the back of the temple, which is completely covered in hieroglyphics!

Egypt Tip: According to my guide, the Edfu Temple street vendors are the worst in terms of being pushy and persistent. They are not dangerous, but he recommended we shouldn’t shop here.

Admission: 200 EGP

Egypt travel tips to keep in mind is the dress code to be more modest
Edfu Temple Papyrus Columns a must-see on any Egypt itinerary 7 days

Esna Temple (Temple of Khnum)

This temple is not usually a part of many people’s Egypt itinerary, but our fantastic guide told us we must go here, and we are so glad we did. Although small, the colors in this temple are mindblowing. In recent years, several foundations have been working to restore the original colors, and the results are incredible.

Marvel at the decorated ceiling and the dozens of columns covered in hieroglyphics. 

The Temple actually sits below the city that was built completely around it. It is interesting to see how the grounds have changed over time! After visiting this temple, you are just a little over an hour away from the center of Luxor, where you will check into your hotel and have dinner. 

Admission: 80 EGP

Esna Temple Pillars
Temple of Khnum (Esna)
Esna Temple close up pillar decoration Egypt itinerary 7 Days

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days: Day 6 Luxor Valley of the Kings & More

Can you believe we are already on day 6 of this 7 day Egypt itinerary? You have already seen so many incredible places, and yet, I think your mind will be blown once again by the tombs we will be discovering today. The main attractions you will be exploring on day 6 in Egypt are:

  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Valley of Kings
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Habu Temple
  • Tombs of the Nobles and Workers

Uber does not run in Luxor. If you don’t hire a private driver, you can look for a group tour, or haggle with the Taxi drivers.

Colossi of Memnon

First, make a quick stop to see the Colossi of Memnon. These are two giant statues that are a part of the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III. They are still uncovering artifacts here, which is really cool, in my opinion.

Don’t spend too long here because you will want to make ample time for the Valley of the Kings next.

Colossi of Memmon in Luxor Egypt

Valley of Kings

An absolute must-visit with 7 days on your Egypt itinerary is the Valley of Kings. The Valley of Kings is located on the West Bank of Luxor. Ancient Egyptians believed they should be buried west of the Nile where the sun was setting to enter into the afterlife. 

The Valley of Kings has over 25 tombs, and they are still looking for more. Your ticket will include the visit to 3 tombs. The guards at the tomb entrance punch your ticket to keep count.

Additional tombs can be purchased separately. I can highly recommend purchasing the additional ticket for Rameses V and Rameses VI tomb, which is an extra 100 LE. 

Another popular tomb people love to go in is Pharaoh Tutankhamun – the famous boy king. Currently, his mummy remains in his tomb.

Valley of the Kings Tip: You will also need to get a transportation ticket for both arrival and entry. If you are with a guide, they will get this for you. 

You can expect to explore the Valley of Kings for about 2 hours, give or take how many additional tombs you add on. We had no issues bringing cell phones or my professional camera into the tombs to take photos. In the past, this used to be an issue.

Admission: 260 LE

Rameses V and VI Tombs Egypt itinerary 7 Days - decorations
Rameses V and VI Tombs
Valley of Kings in Luxor Egypt

Hatshepsut Temple

Next, head to the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. You have likely seen pictures of this temple before, as it has a really unique design. Hatshepsut herself was an incredible figure in ancient times.

She was the first female Pharaoh and was known to have a successful rule in trade, the military, and the economy. She even had her statues depicted as a man, so her power wasn’t questioned. 

Walk up the ramp and explore the ruins. Her temple has less color than the tombs you just witnessed, but the temple built into the limestone is impressive in its own way. 

Admission: 160 LE

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut - Egypt itinerary 7 Days 10 Days

Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu

I consider the Temple of Rameses III a hidden gem, since not as many people visit because it is usually not included for those doing an Egypt Nile River Cruise. When entering this massive temple, you can even see the door hinges and lock.

This temple is so impressive, and the colors and decorations here are outstanding. Medinet Habu Temple may have been my second favorite temple we visited in Egypt. It is also known as one of the best-preserved temples on the West Bank. 

For lunch, either before or after visiting Medinet Habu, check out Café & Restaurant Maratonga, which is directly across the street. The meal they prepared for us was huge and delicious. 

Admission: 100 LE

Medinet Habu Temple in Egypt wearing an orange maxi dress
Medinet Habu Temple
Medinet Habu Temple in Luxor Egypt
Medinet Habu Temple

Tombs of the Workers and Nobles or Valley of the Queens

You likely won’t be able to see both with the amount of time, although you can try. They are next to each other. The Valley of the Queens is most well known for seeing the Tomb of Nefertari.

However, that tomb costs 1,400 LE, which is a big price tag in Egypt compared to other attractions. It has incredible color, but if you went inside the Rameses V & VI tomb, at this point, you have seen some great colors. 

We chose the Worker’s and Noble’s tombs and were not disappointed at all! I feel as if this is another underrated attraction in Luxor. 

Deir-el Medina tombs in Luxor Egypt
Deir-el Medina tombs

Deir el-Medina (Artisan’s Tomb)

Deir el Medina is an Egyptian workmen’s village. The tombs here are different than those of the kings because a lot of the art and reliefs show everyday life, which I found to be a pleasant surprise. The colors were also very impressive and intact. These are the tombs of the workmen who built tombs for the Kings in the Valley of Kings. 

The first tomb we went inside was the Tomb of Anherkha, also known as Inherkhau. It is known to have some of the best artistic examples of the 20th dynasty. This includes the book of gates, the book of the dead, and even scenes from the underworld. It also has designs of flowers and rams heads that are brightly colored.

The Tomb of Sennutem (Sennedjem) may have been one of my favorite tombs because of how well-preserved it is. It was first discovered in 1886, and its funerary furniture can be seen in the Cairo Museum. This one does have a slightly steep climb down, but once inside, this small room is decked with gold paint and decorations throughout.

Some items that were found inside are currently at the MET in NYC.

Admission: 100 LE

Deir-el Medina Tomb of Sennedjem Egypt itinerary
Deir-el Medina Tomb of Sennedjem
Deir el Medina tombs in Luxor Egypt itinerary 7 days - Ceiling paintings and decorations
Tomb of Anherkha Ceiling Decorations

Nobles Tombs 

The first tomb to check out is the Tomb of Ramose. It contains a main hall of 32 columns, a long corridor, and a shrine. Ramose was a Vizier (high official) under Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV. The decorations in this tomb are different from others you have seen thus far, with lots of attention to detail that is carved out. According to our guide, these were intended to have no color so that you can focus on the carvings.

Next, check out the Tomb of Userhat. He was a Royal Scribe and counter of bread to Upper and Lower Egypt in Dynatsy 18 to Amenhotep II. In his tomb, you can see painted reliefs of Userhat hunting, fishing, and fowling. The decorations here are mainly painted and also different from what you have previously seen.

The last is the Tomb of Khaemhat. He was a Royal Scribe and Overseer of the Granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt. The decorations inside include both sunk and raised reliefs, along with statues of him and his wife.

Admission: We paid 80 LE for Ramose Tomb, but went inside all 3. I am not sure if our guide got us in or if the ticket actually included all 3. 

This concludes your 6th day in Egypt. You can go to the light show at Karnak Temple if you feel up to it! 

Tomb of Ramose in Luxor Egypt
Tomb of Ramose

Egypt Itinerary Day 7: Luxor and Karnak Temple

You have made it to 7 days in Egypt! On your last day, unless you extend, you will spend your time exploring the East Bank of Luxor at Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. 

You can add an optional hot air balloon ride over Luxor. This is extremely popular because it is one of the most affordable places to do it. We didn’t do it because I am not a fan of heights, but the views do look incredible.

Karnak Temple Complex

Start your day at the famous Karnak Temple Complex. In fact, it is believed to be the second most visited attraction behind the Pyramids of Giza. When visiting, the closer to opening time, the better in terms of crowds. For photographers, Karnak Temple is famous for getting sunbeams through the columns in the morning. 

Dedicated to the gods Amun, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu, the complex is also known as one of the largest buildings for religious purposes ever to be constructed! It is around 200 acres!

With massive papyrus columns, statues, and decorated walls, the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes, Oblisks, Karnak is considered an open-air museum.

Admission: 220 EGP

Karnak Temple Egypt Itinerary 7 Days

Luxor Temple 

Next, head to Luxor Temple, which is also located on the East Bank of the Nile River. Built around 1400 BC during the New Kingdom Dynasty, this temple is unique because it is believed that it was used for Pharaohs to be crowned. Even Alexander the Great claimed to be crowned here, although history is unsure. 

Egypt Fun Fact: Luxor City was known as Ancient Thebes

At the temple’s entrance, you will be greeted with massive statues and an obelisk. Inside will feel more like a mini Karnak temple.   

There is also the Abu Haggag Mosque, which is located inside the temple. Luxor Temple also does a light show at night. 

Admission: 180 EGP

Luxor Temple Egypt 7 Days

Where to Stay in Luxor

Luxor has more options for places to stay at better prices. Here are some of the best places to stay for your Egypt itinerary! 

Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa: We stayed here, and the property itself is stunning. Located right on the Nile, you have incredible views, large pools, swim-up bars, and more. The rooms were on the smaller side and not as spectacular as the rest of the resort, but I would stay here again. I also loved how close the resort is to Karnak Temple. Check rates here

Djorff Palace: Located on the West Bank, this is a highly-rated hotel with a really unique and fun design. I had a friend stay here, and she said she loved it. Guests say they love the decor, views, and breakfast. Check rates here.

Nefertiti Hotel Luxor: For a more budget option, the Nefertiti hotel is a no-frills option that is located right by Luxor Temple and the Luxor Bazaar. Guests highly rate the hotel for the location, price, and rooftop bar. Check rates here.

Hilton Resort in Luxor Egypt
Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

Egypt Itinerary 10 Days: Day 8-10 Red Sea

As you can see, you are easily able to see all the top Ancient Egyptian attractions with 7 days in your Egypt itinerary. However, if you didn’t already know, Egypt is also a prime beach destination on the Red Sea. So, if you are able to stretch your Egypt itinerary to 10 days, I recommend spending it at the Red Sea. 

This was our original plan, however, my husband had a bad cold, so we left just before arriving at our beach portion of our Egyptian vacation. From Luxor, I think the best place to end your Egypt itinerary is in Hurgahda.

Sharm El Shiekh is also very popular for beach activities. However, from Luxor, you would need to fly to Sharm-El Shiekh and then fly to Cairo for your flight out. It is totally doable, however, I preferred to do one less flight. 

Marsa Alam is also starting to become a popular Red Sea spot. However, in order to include Marsa Alam, I think you would need two weeks in Egypt as it is further.

 To get to these locations, you will either need to fly, hire a private transfer, or you can use GoBus. 

Hurghada Egypt Red Sea Beach

El Gouna Hurghada 

From Luxor, you will drive to EL Gouna, which is located about 30 North minutes from the Hurghada airport. I spent a lot of time researching where to stay along Hurghada, and I believe El Gouna is a great option.

It is a resort area, and the only way to get in and out of town is by tuk-tuk. The resorts have beautiful beaches, and it is centered around being able to relax. El Gouna is also popular among kite surfers. Additionally, El Gouna feels like a hidden gem, as it isn’t too well known to the masses yet.

I plan to make it back to Egypt in the next year to explore the area. After enjoying some relaxing time at the beach, this will conclude your 10 days in Egypt itinerary.

From El Gouna, you will need to fly out of the Hurghada International Airport to Cairo. Depending on your flight home, you might want to fly to Cairo the night before and stay at an airport hotel to make the transfer easy. 

Where to Stay in El Gouna

If you decide to make your way to El Gouna, here are some really nice properties to choose from for your Egypt Itinerary.

Cook’s Club El Gouna (Adults Only): With really unique decor and great reviews, this is a great option for couples that want to be among other adults. Check rates here.

Movenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna: After having an incredible experience at the Movenpick Resort in Aswan, I would not hesitate to stay at one of their properties in Egypt. The resort looks stunning, is located right on the water, and the rooms look large and spacious. Additionally, the reviews overall from previous guests are great overall. When I am back in the area, I will probably stay here. Check rates here

Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna: After a lot of research, this was the resort we were planning to stay at. In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with the Sheraton. I loved the location, and the resort looked lovely. Additionally, they had some of the best reviews overall for hotels in the area. Check rates here.

How Much Do 7 Days in Egypt Cost – Egypt Budget

This was the most common question I got from my Instagram community, so I wanted to also include our Egypt itinerary budget here. It can cost way more than what we spent, but it can also be much less than what we spent. 

The biggest price factors will be the season you are visiting, how soon in advance you book (sooner is better, especially with hotels), and the currency exchange rate.

We were in Egypt at the end of November, which is high season, so you can expect prices to be higher. Our flights from the USA were high, but if you book your domestic flights in Egypt early, you can get good prices. The Egyptian Pound had dropped significantly during our visit, but it is even lower right now against the dollar.

The prices below are for 2 people. 

  • Flights: $1,600
  • Domestic Egypt Flights: $400
  • Hotels: $1,268
  • Private Guide/ Transportation: $1,275
  • Attractions: $170
  • Food: $260
  • Tips (We tipped our guides well): $250

Total Egypt Itinerary Budget: $5,223

Nile River Aswan
Nile River in Aswan

Egypt Nile River Cruise Option

If I still haven’t talked you out of doing a Nile Cruise, then instead of getting hotels in Aswan and Luxor, you will spend your time on the boat. Each Nile cruise is a little different, but you will spend 4 days on the boat instead.

Most cruises will include Abu Simbel, Edfu Temple, and Kom Obo Temple on their itinerary.

7 Days in Egypt Itinerary Wrap-up

This concludes your 7 days in Egypt or 10 days in Egypt itinerary. I hope you have the most incredible time exploring and learning about the Ancient Egyptian civilization. For more details on Egypt, along with all my Egypt guides, make sure to check out my Ultimate Egypt Travel Guide page.

Have any questions or feel like I missed something on this 7 days in Egypt itinerary? Please let me know in the comments below! 

Did You Find this Egypt Itinerary in 7 Days Helpful? I would appreciate it if you could share it below! 

Egypt itinerary 7 days Egypt itinerary 10 days
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